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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

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A Humane Reckoning - From Accounting to Accountability at Macquarie University

The children of the 1960s were beginning to make their presence felt in accounting education. These were young, mobile, well-educated people they were the first generation to have conceived themselves as accounting academics.

Student numbers in first year were "exceptionally high", impacting upon the ability of staff to effectively mark the vast tide of assignments.Carrick Martin was giving three lectures a day, twice a week in order to spread the student numbers across the available teaching spaces: "it was getting ridiculous" [C. Martin].

… the acceleration of student numbers was "phenomenal". Between 1995and 2000, total student load grew from 708 EFTSU to 1,293 EFTSU … with the following year's projections pointing towards over 11,000 unit enrolments in Accounting alone.

Leung … particularly liked … "people,planet, participation", … embedded in the new (2009) University graduate attributes and curriculum, and encapsulated in each degree by a "capstone" unit that would "bring together all the related areas of learning that students have completed throughout their study …"