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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

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A Humane Reckoning - From Accounting to Accountability at Macquarie University

In1978 first year enrolments in Accounting alone stood at 410; a year later they stood at 620. By 1982, Martin noted to the administration that he had over 1100students in first year Accounting alone, a number the Department was facing without prospect of staff renewal …

Student numbers in first year were "exceptionally high", impacting upon the ability of staff to effectively mark the vast tide of assignments.Carrick Martin was giving three lectures a day, twice a week in order to spread the student numbers across the available teaching spaces: "it was getting ridiculous" [C. Martin].

If Frank Clarke's Newcastle focused on accounting history; and Wollongong on critical accounting; Macquarie under Graeme Harrison was marked by a coherent diversity.… [Reeve] would create a complementary relationship of great power: Graeme would write the reports, Reeve the systems and numbers. "He would do the words", noted Reeve, "and I would write the music".

… the acceleration of student numbers was "phenomenal". Between 1995and 2000, total student load grew from 708 EFTSU to 1,293 EFTSU … with the following year's projections pointing towards over 11,000 unit enrolments in Accounting alone.