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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

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A Humane Reckoning - From Accounting to Accountability at Macquarie University

Another symbol of the changes under way was the physical move the Department made from its position near Law and the Humanities in W3A and C3A. … the architecture [ofC5C] created both a greater sense of "school" and more interpersonal connectivity across departmental boundaries.

Easton's rigour and international focus revolutionised the image of accounting as a practical discipline. "… Peter's research showed that there was a wealth of information hidden in these boring accounts. If you knew it, you could work out what was going on, and what was going to go on" [S. Wright].

[The whole Department was] surrounded by change (a total redesign of their undergraduate degree structures, for example), and few resources with which to engage it. They had good people, and rising research outcomes, but a seemingly continuous line of bad news. … And the farewells kept coming …

[Leung] was also aware, as manyAustralian academics were not, of how significant a reputation Macquarie had built up in Asia through the work of Peter Eddey. "If you go to China, for example, everybody knows about Accounting at Macquarie".