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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

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A Humane Reckoning - From Accounting to Accountability at Macquarie University

The children of the 1960s were beginning to make their presence felt in accounting education. These were young, mobile, well-educated people they were the first generation to have conceived themselves as accounting academics.

The first fruits of this emerged in the mid-1980s. As their research and doctoral programs progressed, McKinnon andHarrison—separately and together, both in their doctoral theses and then in articles and books—began to build a focus on international and transcultural accounting research.

[The whole Department was] surrounded by change (a total redesign of their undergraduate degree structures, for example), and few resources with which to engage it. They had good people, and rising research outcomes, but a seemingly continuous line of bad news. … And the farewells kept coming …

In 2014, both the heads of the major certifying bodies for accountants in Australia (CPA Australia and CharteredAccountants Australia and New Zealand, boasting a combined membership of225,000), and many of their leading members, are Macquarie University graduates.