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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

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A Humane Reckoning - From Accounting to Accountability at Macquarie University

The children of the 1960s were beginning to make their presence felt in accounting education. These were young, mobile, well-educated people they were the first generation to have conceived themselves as accounting academics.

The embedding of …the professional year of the Institute (ICAA) … and the extension course for CPAAustralia, in Macquarie-based masters programs provided "educational products" that generated a first wave of growth from the profession.

In1978 first year enrolments in Accounting alone stood at 410; a year later they stood at 620. By 1982, Martin noted to the administration that he had over 1100students in first year Accounting alone, a number the Department was facing without prospect of staff renewal …

The dissolution of Arthur Andersen,one of the largest accounting firms in the world, sent shock waves through the industry and refocused many international accounting programs towards accountability rather than merely "keeping the score" in what could otherwise be a crooked game.