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Voluntary disclosures by National Greenhouse Energy Act-affected companies

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  • Topic: Voluntary disclosures by National Greenhouse Energy Act-affected companies


Luckmika Perera (PNA, MBCS, MIIA, AMCPA) B.Sc. (Hon) Info Sys (MMU UK), M.Com (RMIT), MPA (RMIT), Grad. Cert HE (Deakin) is a Lecturer in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Deakin University. He is enrolled in a PhD program at the Australian National University under the guidance of Dr. Christine Jubb (Principal Supervisor), Prof. Kerry Jacobs, Dr. Mark Wilson and Prof. Graeme Wines.

He has published in Accounting Education, an International Journal and also has a poem accepted in Critical Perspectives on Accounting. He is involved in a few ongoing projects looking at International Education Standards (through an IFAC research grant), Stereotypical perceptions of accountants, Use of technology in Education and a project in the area of Internal Audit.

Prior to joining academia, Luckmika worked in industry for a number of years in consulting roles in the areas of management accounting, business administration and information systems.


The National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 (Commonwealth of Australia) (The Act), requires controlling corporations to register and report on greenhouse gas emissions during the financial year following registration in 2008. The purpose of this study is to investigate voluntary environmental disclosures by NGER Act-affected Australian firms falling into the first of three tiers of disclosers to determine whether mandated NGER disclosures are carried over to annual and sustainability reports. Combining content analysis and regression analysis, we investigate the relationship between voluntary disclosures of greenhouse gas emissions made in the annual and sustainability reports and greenhouse gas emissions reported to the Commonwealth Government of Australia. The results find no association between firms that produce large volumes of greenhouse emissions and these voluntary disclosures. That is, firms apparently do not deem it necessary to inform their stakeholders about that negative externality beyond the mandatory NGER publication and use disclosures as a tool to minimise these negative externalities. A limitation identified is that amongst the first round of reporting under The Act, listed companies are comparatively few in number. This study could be extended to a larger sample and time series analysis and also take into consideration other disclosures through websites and other corporate communications. The implications of this study affect policymakers, academics, government and other stakeholders who are either affected by or study the environmental impact of firms reporting emissions under The Act. This study is the first of its kind in Australia and will lead to better understanding

Download Voluntary disclosures by National Greenhouse Energy Act-affected companies.


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