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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Problematizing the concept of uncertainty in management accounting research

Research Seminars - business and economics
  • Topic: Problematizing the concept of uncertainty in management accounting
  • Speaker: Kari Lukka (Turku School of Economics)
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Professor Kari Lukka is an expert in interpretative case-based research in management accounting and has published extensively in the areas of management accounting change as well as feedback and control. His key contribution is in the area of developing research paradigms and methods of management accounting. One of his major contributions is the development of interventionist research methodology, widely applicable in social sciences. In the context of the EIASM, he organizes and chairs, jointly with Prof. Michael Shields, the biannual conference on “New Directions in Management Accounting” and he is the faculty member in charge of the doctoral EDEN course on “Case-based Research in Management Accounting”, organized biannually as well by the EIASM. Professor Lukka was the editor of European Accounting Review for several years, and currently is an active member of the editorial boards of several international scholarly journals, including Accounting, Organizations and Society. He has a wide publication record in top tier accounting research journals. 


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