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HDR Value Lecture Series 2011

This year the Faculty of Business and Economics is continuing its public lecture series examining the topic of “Value” delivered by senior academics within the Faculty. The focus will be on the value of thought leadership in the respective sub-disciplines and how this can facilitate the development of new frontiers in research on contemporary and emerging issues/problems.

The first lecture for the year doubled as the commencement event for HDR students in 2011.


The Value of Thought Leadership in Accounting - promoting research into contemporary and emerging issues


Dr James Guthrie is a fractional Professor at Bologna University and part-time Professor of Accounting at Macquarie University. His research and teaching interests include social and environmental reporting and auditing, public sector accounting, auditing, accountability and management, management of knowledge and intellectual capital and the measurement of intangibles. He also consults on public and private sector management, management of knowledge, intellectual capital, budget performance, and annual reporting strategies.

He has published across a range of academic disciplines on accounting and management issues, with refereed articles in public administration, law, economics, management, public policy and, of course, accounting journals. He has completed several major international research projects comparing public sector financial management reforms in various countries, which appear in his edited books.

His research work has been supported in recent years by over A$1m of external research grants from both national and international funding institutions. In addition, he has received over A$1m from various internal university grants.

James is the joint founding editor of international research journal, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal (AAAJ), now in its 25th year.

James continues to supervise doctoral research students, and actively examines other PhD’s. To date, James has supervised 17 successful doctoral students, many of whom have become successful academics or professionals.


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