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Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance

Dr John Selby appointed as Australian ambassador for the United Nations' Internet Governance Forum

Each year since 2006, so as to carry out the mandate from the World Summit on the Information Society the United Nations has brought together leading representatives from government, industry, civil society and academia through its Internet Governance Forum to facilitate a global multi-stakeholder policy dialogue. Preparatory conferences are held around the world, including in Australia, so as to gather input from a broad cross-section of society on a variety of Internet policy issues. The IGF is one of the main vehicles through which debates over and knowledge about a wide range of Internet policy issues can be effectively transferred between stakeholders in the developed, developing and least-developed worlds.

Having chaired a workshop on whether Australia should consider introducing a right to be forgotten into its privacy laws at the Australian preparatory conference held in Melbourne, Dr John Selby was appointed as an Australian Ambassador to the Internet Governance Forum held in Indonesia in October 2013. At that global conference, as an Internet law expert and as a representative of the Australian Internet community he was invited to speak on cybersecurity issues on a panel alongside senior representatives from the World Economic Forum, the OECD, the US State Department, and a European ISP Trade Association. During those discussions, he particularly stressed the need to better align with reality the expectations Internet users have of the risks they face, and the available protections against those risks, when using or providing services over the Internet; the need to ensure effective public oversight of online intelligence gathering activities being conducted by governments, businesses and non-state actors; and the power imbalances which can damage societies as a consequence of excessive online surveillance.


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