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Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

About Us

While the Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies was established in 2011, the component areas of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies have a long history within Macquarie University and the Faculty of Business and Economics.

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Macquarie has successfully delivered quality actuarial programs for over 40 years and has supplied the actuarial profession with over 1,000 graduates in that time. It also offers the highly regarded Masters of Applied Finance Program, which now has over 3,000 graduates.

Quality Programs

The Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies delivers innovative programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Students can study actuarial skills as a foundation within structured programs of accredited study or undertake a range of double degrees which allows students to combine their actuarial studies program with a degree in law, applied finance, statistics, mathematics and economics.

Undergraduate programs include the Bachelor of Applied Finance, and associated double degrees, which cover a broad range of current knowledge and technical skills required for the many career opportunities in the finance industry.

The quality of the Department's courses has resulted in the Institute of Actuaries of Australia choosing Macquarie University as a Centre of Excellence.

The Masters of Applied Finance was established in 1980, and is now the largest applied finance post-graduate degree in the world. Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Beijing and Singapore, it is widely recognised as the industry leader in post-graduate financial education. Further information regarding the Masters in Applied Finance can be found at the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre.


Macquarie University has a reputation for high standards of teaching, academic results, and industry recognition & involvement. By studying with us, you can also receive the added assurance of accreditation with major professional bodies.
Our world-leading actuarial studies degrees and our Bachelor of Applied Finance are both accredited by major professional bodies in the industry.

Actuarial Studies Accreditation

Macquarie University was the first university in the world to have its actuarial courses recognised as being of equivalent standard to the corresponding subjects of the (U.K.) Institute of Actuaries. As a result of this, Macquarie students with sufficient grades were granted exemption from the corresponding U.K. exams. The Macquarie program has since been emulated by other universities in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Singapore.

Applied Finance Accreditation

The Bachelor of Applied Finance has been approved by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission - authorised assessors) as meeting ASIC training requirements in relation to RG 146 compliance for generic knowledge, skills, securities, derivatives, managed investments, deposit products and non cash payment facilities, and foreign exchange, subject to the completion of certain units.

Macquarie was the first University in Australia to receive formal recognition from the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute as a Program Partner. As there is a high degree of overlap between the Master in Applied Finance and the CFA program, this program is an ideal form of preparation for those students undertaking the CFA exams.  

Macquarie was also the first university in the Asian region to have a degree program accredited by the Professional Risk Managers' International Association (PRMIA). Students who successfully complete the Masters in Applied Finance program are eligible for exemption from the first 2 PRMIA exams.