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Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

1995-1998 Research Papers

This page lists the research papers issued by the Department of Actuarial Studies and Demography from 1995 to 1998 inclusive. Due to restructuring, this department ceased to exist late in 1998. The actuarial staff now form the Department of Actuarial Studies while the demography staff have joined the Department of Business. Hence from 1999 there will be separate series for Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies Research Papers and Department of Marketing and Management Research Papers.


Most of the papers are available for downloading in pdf format. 

Research Papers Issued

No. Title Author(s) Size
001/98 An Old Tool - Modern Applications John Pollard 40KB
002/98 Keeping Abreast of Mortality Change John Pollard 38KB
003/98 A Survey of Macquarie University Students' Home Computers Jim Farmer 68KB
001/97 Branch Migration, Split Migration and Anastomosis David Lucas, Magdalena Mok and Nick Parr 1,230KB
002/97 Participation in Education Doug White 1,053KB
003/97 Modeling Volatility for Australian Inflation and Investment Returns Michael Sherris
004/97 The Determinants of the Duration of Breastfeeding in Bahrain Samir Farid,Sue Clarke and Ian Diamond
005/97 Investment Objectives of Australian Superannuation Funds Shauna Ferris
006/97 The Sex Differential in Mortality Rates and Underlying Factors Leonie Tickle 115KB
007/97 Female Sterilisation in New South Wales, 1981 to 1994-1995 Farhat Yusuf, Stefania Siedlecky and Stephen Leeder 62KB
008/97 A Modification of the Traditional Analysis of Surplus Formula Jim Farmer 33KB
009/97 Actuarial Applications of Autoregressive Models of Economic Variables John Pollard 62KB
010/97 Genetic Testing and Insurance: International Regulation Shauna Ferris 82KB
011/97 The Origins and Meaning of "Professionalism" for Actuaries Clare Bellis 52KB
001/96 The Impact of Marital Breakdown on the Quantum and Tempo of Childbearing in England and Wales Ian Diamond, Sue Clarke & Paul Clarke 1,294KB
002/96 An Actuarial Career: Experiences of Macquarie University Actuarial Graduates Clare Bellis 919KB
003/96 Women and Men in the Actuarial Profession Clare Bellis 1,975KB
004/96 A Survey of Valuation Assumptions and Funding Methods used by Australian Actuaries in Defined Benefit Superannuation Fund Analysis Shauna Ferris & Des Welch
005/96 Hysterectomy in New South Wales: 1981-1991 Farhat Yusuf & Stefania Siedlecky
006/96 Stochastic Investment Models: Unit Roots, Cointegration, State Space and Garch Models for Australian Data Michael Sherris, Leanna Tedesco and Ben Zehnwirth
007/96 The Determinants of External Audit Cost in the New Zealand Life Insurance Industry Mike Adams, Mike Sherris, and Mahmud Hossain
008/96 Loss Recognition under the Margin on Services Reporting Technique Jim Farmer 31KB
009/96 Projecting Actuarial Education Sue Clarke and John Shepherd
010/96 Recent Trends in Mortality in the United Kingdom Leonie Tickle 65KB
011/96 What is Happening with Teenage Pregnancies? Stefania Siedlecky
012/96 Hysterectomy and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Minority Women Stefania Siedlecky
013/96 Changes in the Factors Affecting Fertility in Ghana During the Early Stages of the Fertility Decline Nicholas J Parr
001/95 Aborigines and Gender Equity in Education and Training in Australia Farhat Yusuf
002/95 Family Formation Patterns among Migrant Women in Sydney Farhat Yusuf and Stefania Siedlecky
003/95 Prevalence of and Attitudes to Abortion among Migrant Women in Sydney. Farhat Yusuf and Stefania Siedlecky
004/95 Interest Rates Risk Factors in the Australian Bond Markets. Michael Sherris 485KB
005/95 Accumulation versus Defined Benefit Funds: An Analysis using Simulation Models Michael Sherris 2,094KB
006/95 On the Use of the Truncated Gompertz Distribution and Other Models to Represent the Parity Progression Functions of High Fertility Populations John Pollard and E. J. Valkovics 5,671KB
007/95 Modelling the Interaction Between the Sexes John Pollard 2,307KB
008/95 On the Changing Shape of the Australian Mortality Curve John Pollard 1,901KB
009/95 Long Term Care: Demographic and Insurance Perspectives John Pollard 986KB
010/95 Overseas Mobility Intentions of Sydney Students Nick Parr and Magdalena Mok 610KB
011/95 Mortality Changes and Life Expectancy by Cause of Death in Singapore, 1980-1990 Tan Khye Chong & John Pollard 1,047KB