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Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Research Network

Erik LundmarkThe Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Network in the Department of Marketing and Management, is a cross-disciplinary research concentration.


  • develop a strong community of scholars and industry partners
  • undertake research and disseminate knowledge
  • contribute to and have an impact on industry practice.

This research is conducted mainly in the Department of Marketing and Management and builds on a number of forthcoming and recently published papers in highly regarded international research outlets.

We realise that entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation are becoming increasingly important not only in the business community, but in society as a whole.

Creation of knowledge, for example through research and development, is not sufficient for growth (economic or otherwise). Rather, over the last couple of decades it has become clear that new knowledge must be coupled with a capability to put it into practice. This shift in focus towards putting knowledge into practice is intertwined with the transition from the industrial to the entrepreneurial society.

The Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation Network aims to support such transitions through collaborations among scholars from a wide range of disciplines at Macquarie University and other universities in Australia and elsewhere, as well as through collaborations with practitioners and external organisations.

In the entrepreneurial society, creativity and entrepreneurship are prerequisites for new economic activity and subsequent growth.

Our research focuses on the emergence of new economic activity (where economic is broader than commercial).

More specifically, we look at the following sub-areas:

  • Internationalisation of new and existing organisations
  • Diffusion and commercialisation of knowledge (e.g. though university-industry collaboration)
  • Deviance and norm breaking as a foundation for new economic activity
  • Fostering and managing creativity
  • Social entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship creativity and innovation news

  • The Entrepreneurial University symposium - Monday 9 December, 2013
  • "Dick Smith's shows the value of workplace culture" - New article in the AFR by Prof Paul Gollan
  • December 2013: Professor Magnus Klofsten, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Linköping University, Sweden
  • New research project: Knowledge Sharing at the Australian Hearing Hub (MQNS)
  • 2013 Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Author Contribution Award
  • June 2013: Presentation by Meena Chavan and Lucy Taksa: Human Capital or Social Capital – A Shift in the Indian Immigrant Entrepreneurship Scene in Australia



  • Jack, R., As-Saber, S., Edwards, R., Service embeddedness and its role in a firm's internationalisation process: An Australian perspective, International Journal of Production and Operations Management,Forthcoming - accepted for publication July, 2013 (ABDC ranking – A)
  • Lundmark, E. & Westelius, A. (Forthcoming). Entrepreneurship as Elixir and Mutagen. Manuscript accepted for publication in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ABDC - A*).
  • Sasser, Sheila L., Mark Kilgour and Scott Koslow (forthcoming), "Breaking through Creativity Barriers: When Is Highly Creative Advertising Really Needed?" Journal of Advertising Research.
  • Suh, C-S., Wang, Y., Nam, M. H., and Zhang, X. (forthcoming).'Sequential internationalization, heterogeneous process and subsidiary roles: the case of Hyundai Motor Company', Asia Pacific Business Review.
  • Tayar, M. and Jack, R., (2013) Prestige orientated market entry – the case of Australian universities, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp. 153-166 (ERA ranking – B)
  • Taylor, M. and Jack, R., (2013) Understanding the pace, scope and pattern of firm internationalisation: An examination of the 'born global' concept, International Small Business Journal, Vol. 31, No. 6 pp. (ABDC ranking – A)

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Research Projects

  • Erik Lundmark
    "The effects of co-locating on knowledge sharing and innovation – an in-depth study of The Australian Hearing Hub", which is funded by a MQNS of $20 000 AUD
  • Scott Koslow
    "Managing Information 'Bookends' in Design Agencies: How Cohesion and Friction Moderate Absorptive Capacity and Social Psychology Motivation"
  • Lawrence Ang and Ahmed Al-Shuaili
    How Advertising Creativity Interacts with Brand Strength: A Field Study and Eye Tracking Experiment" (based on Al-Shuaili's PhD thesis)
  • Jennifer Ruskin
    "Creation and Capture of Value in Entrepreneurship: A Study of Social Entrepreneurial Motivation", which is funded by faculty funds and a PGRF totalling $15 000
  • Murray Taylor
    "Professional service firms and their influence in the born global internationalisation process", which is funded by the faculty with $10 000.

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