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Social Media Research Network

Louise Thornthwaite, Nikki Balnave and Alison Barnes

Associate Professor Louise Thornthwaite, Doctor Nikki Balnave and Doctor Alison Barnes

What we do:

The Social Media Research Network is a research concentration in the Department of Marketing and Management and associated with the Centre for Workforce Futures.

We aim to bring together scholars from our departments and research centres at Macquarie University as well as other Universities in Australia and abroad.


Social media and other internet-based communication channels are proliferating and spreading into every sphere of organised activity. The aim of this network is to:

  • Develop a strong community of scholars and industry partners to engage in an exchange of ideas;
  • Provide a focal point for significant research and dissemination of knowledge about current and emerging social media forums and technologies;
  • Enable research collaborations which are problem-focused and applied, along with research that is disciplinary, inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary;
  • provide a platform for scholarly exchange, collaboration and distinguished scholars' visits.

Areas of Research & Expertise

We investigate Social Media and:

  • legal regulation
  • employment and industrial relations
  • management
  • marketing
  • media
  • representative and other member-based organisations
  • privacy
  • communication
  • human resource management
  • politics
  • information systems

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