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Kabir Mohammod

KABIR Profile photoI chose Macquarie because I found that only a very few Australian Universities had competent supervisors in my field and more importantly Macquarie offered higher number of scholarships to international students. Another reason was the multicultural environment of Macquarie [which showed me that] diversity is valued and practiced at Macquarie. One last point regarding Macquarie that must attract all scholars is its state of the art library facility [which is of] international standard, and the generous research grant for pursuing empirical study, attending international conferences and so on.

Research Supervisors

Dr. Pundarik Mukhopadhaya and Associate Professor Sean Turnell

Research Abstract

My research identified the dimensions of poverty that policy makers need to address for reducing poverty among Rural Nonâ€Farm Economy (RNFE) participants in Bangladesh. It applied Structural Equation Modelling†a methodology the use of which is still scarce in economic research; but is able to establish a more robust relationship among economic variables, in comparison with other traditional methods used in this field. Results of the study generated a number of policy suggestions on how poverty in RNFE can be better addressed under the current socioâ€economic structure of Bangladesh.

Tips for PhD candidates

Macquarie is a university where your achievement is a concern for all. Therefore, while pursuing your PhD, take suggestions not only from your supervisors, but also from your departmental Chairman, Dean, and other senior academics from different departments.

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