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Current Projects

Below are projects that are already being undertaken by our current PhD students

accounting plus icon Accounting and Corporate Governance

Student Thesis Title Principal Supervisor
A F M Mainul Ahsan Global Convergence of Financial Reporting: A Comparative Study of Bangladesh, China and Australia

Professor Chris Patel

Agus Maradona Accounting Conservatism, Corporate Governance, and Cost of Capital during the Transition to IFRS in Indonesia

Associate Professor Parmod Chand

Amitai Lapidot Auditor-Client Conflict: Australian Case Studies

Dr John Dumay

Bernadia Linggar Yekti Nugraheni IFRS Convergence in Indonesia: Economic Consequences and Decision Making of Fair Value Accounting Professor Lorne Cummings
Chaminda Wijethilake Towards the Sustainability Embedded Management Control Systems

Dr Rahat Munir

Farhana Ferdousi An empirical investigation on the implementation status of total quality management in the garment sector of Bangladesh. Mr Kevin Baird
Jane Nyambura Mbuki
Dr Andreas
Kaluthanthrige Dona Dinuja Perera Corporate Governance in Microfinance Institutions in Sri Lanka Dr. Parmod Chand
Lu Jiao Corporate Environmental Performance Mr Kevin Baird
Md. Hafij Ullah Environmental Disclosure Practices and Its Role in Creating Environmental Awareness among the Stakeholders of the Selected Listed Companies in Bangladesh

Dr. James Hazelton

Mohammed Azim Khan Corporate Governance for the Not-For-Profit sector Mr Alan Kilgore
Nazia Adeel The influence of Islam on Auditors’ professional judgement in Pakistan Professor Nonna Martinov-Bennie
Pranil Prasad Mr Chand Parmod
Sumi Jang Intellectual capital in numbers

Associate Professor Johannes Dumay

Yike Ding Financial decision making: Self attribution and overconfidence

Dr Andreas Hellmann

Zhuoru Zheng An Investigation of Whistle-Blowing as an Internal Control Mechanism in China

Professor Chris Patel

actuarial plus icon Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

Student Thesis Title Principal Supervisor
Ao Lin
Dr Pitt David 
Brian Chu Development of a standard measure for Return-to-Work in Workers' Compensation Schemes Prof. Piet de Jong
Dennis Wellmann Efficient pricing of currency risk in emerging markets based on the difference in interest rate levels

Professor Stefan Trueck

Feng Liu Joint Model for Longitudinal and Event Data Analysis: Application in Credit Risk Assessment

Associate Professor Pitt David

Jinhui Zhang Numerical Methods for Pricing American Put Options with Regime Switching and Jump. Dr Thomas Purcal
Kai Zhang High frequency volatility in the Australian equity market. Dr De Mello Lurion 
Sami Aoude Risk Premiums and Derivative Pricing in Electricity Markets

Prof Stefan Trueck

Shauna Diane Ferris Dr Purcal Thomas 
Syazreen Shair Population Ageing and Health care Dr Thomas Purcal
Xinxin Shang Assoc Loudon Geoffrey 
Yunping Chen Why firms prefer higher level of liquidity? Assoc Geoffrey Loudon

business plus icon Marketing and Management

Student Thesis Title Principal Supervisor
Ahmed Hamed Abdullah Al Shuaili Can advertising creativity overcome competitive interference: Attention and memory. Dr Scott Koslow
Alexander Tevi Good or bad clients? You’ve got to create quality campaigns anyway

Professor Scott Koslow

Amanda Bruinwold Riedel It’s not what you know but who you know: The role of social capital in women reaching the boardroom. Lucy Taksa
Betty Frino The relationship between employee engagement and quality of the work environment (QWE): a longitudinal analysis using Australian evidence Professor Ray Markey
Camille Singh "To Buy or Not to Buy" A Study on the Influence of Exposure to Visual Stimuli on Materialism and Brand Preference Associate Lawrence Ang
Charinda Ruwan Yakupiti Keerthipala The role of co-creation in the base of the pyramid: A social justice perspective Dr Steven D'Alessandro
Cherilyn Xue Liu Profe Lucy Taksa
Christine Bilsland Work integrated learning in transnational higher education

Dr. Leanne Carter

Chu Wang Knowledge Management (to be confirmed) Professor Mark Gabbott
Elham Siuki Assoc Webster Cynthia 
Glen Brian Powell Leadership Development as a strategy for more effective social inclusion: A potential role of voluntary associations. Professor Lucy Taksa
Isabelle Madore Dr Thornthwaite Louise
Julie Bajic Workplace Implications of Depression in Older Clients

Associate Professor Denise Jepsen

Katrina Skellern Identifying the attributes of successful sustainable transitions for traditional manufacturing industry in regions of Australia

Professor Raymond Markey

Lawrence George Potter Motivations of a Social Entrepreneur Mr Con Korkofingas
Lindie Phillippa Clark Profe Anne Ross-Smith
Marija Dumovic Longitudinal assessment of the change in the employee psychological contract

Associate Professor Denise Jepsen

Petra Bouvain How Does CSR Reporting in Australia, Germany and the US Differ and How Does it Affect Brand Strategy? Dr Chris Baumann
Rene Abel The balance of exploration and exploitation in inter- and intra-organizational relationships and its performance implications

Dr. Meena Chavan

Sally Hawse Acquiring Wisdom: Embedding Threshold Moments into Expertise Transfer Programs Associate Professor Leigh Wood
Sandra Hartl Rethinking approaches to cross cultural conflict management strategies in transnational organisations - A triangulation of dispute resolution styles between Germany, China and the Middle East. Dr Meena Chavan
Xianling Zhang Impact of Changes of Population Age Structure on the Key Elements in China’s Economy

Associate Professor Guo Fei

Yishuai Yin The study of financial stability associated to public governmental debt and their management. Dr Nikola Balnave

economics plus icon Economics

Student Thesis Title Principal Supervisor
Alexander Lyall Blair Assoc Turnell Sean 
Arami Lee Analysis on progress and effectiveness of development cooperation of Korea. Dr Daehoon Nahm
Geoffrey Avery Mean Reversion and profitability through cointegration of financial assets Dr George Milunovich
Jing Liao Business and Economics: Biological Sciences - Early-warning systems and managing systemic risks using real-time financial and business conditions indicators Dr Jeffrey Sheen
Mangadi Kagiso International Commodity Prices and Macroeconomic Policy in Botswana Dr Jeffrey Sheen
Nicholas Vanderkooi Profe Throsby Charles 
Osmat Azzam Administration of Health Accounts to Evaluate Health Sector Changes - Low and Middle Income Countries. Doctor Pundarikaksha Mukhopadhaya
Srinivas Kolluru The politics of participation: a critical occupational science analysis of social inclusion policy and entrenched disadvantage Associate Pundarikaksha Mukhopadhaya