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Ali Khosravi

HDR_profile_Ali Khosravi
  • Title: Mr
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Marketing and Management

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Student information

  • Load: PhD Student Full Time
  • Principal supervisor: Dr. Peter McGraw
  • Associate supervisor: Dr. Erik Lundmark
  • Date of submission: 14/10/2011
  • Thesis title: Exploring the Impact of Business Process Orientation on the Financial Performance of Australian Exporting Firms
  • Abstract:

    Business Process Orientation, which involves managing an organization based on horizontal end-to-end processes, is believed to increase the quality of products/services, decrease costs, and make functions faster and more reliable. However, the journey from vertical structure to horizontal is very costly and time-consuming, and involves stress and uncertainty. Above all, most of the trials have failed. This research aims to identify the drivers and barriers for implementation of process orientation in Australian firms, and also explore the impact of process orientation on export performance and overall financial performance.

    Recent surveys suggest a positive relationship between Process Orientation and organizational performance. However, surveys have limitations and biases. In this research we will use semi-structured interviews and documentary evidence of the actual Key Performance Results of the firms to determine if there is any causal relationship between Process Orientation and those Results. We expect our research to confirm the positive impact of Process Orientation on the firm’s overall performance.


  • Khosravi A and Chavan, M 2012, ‘A Comprehensive View on the Research Performance’, accepted for publication in the Total Quality Management and Business Excellence Journal.
  • Khosravi A 2008, ‘Design and implementation of the performance measurement system in the BOTAJA Holding’, Tehran, BOTAJA Research Institute.
  • Khosravi, A 2007, ‘Integration of Balanced Score Card and Business Process Re-engineering in Organisational Improvement’, Automotive Industry Monthly Journal, Special Issue: Strategies into Action, pp. 22-26.
  • Khosravi A 2004, ‘Using IT to Manage Cheque Problem in Iran’, Second International Management Conference, December 21-23, Tehran, Iran.