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Nam Nguyen

  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Marketing and Management

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  • Load: PhD Student Full Time
  • Principal supervisor: Dr Chris Baumann
  • Associate supervisor: Dr Hamin
  • Date of submission: 01/01/2005
  • Thesis title: Determinants of customer loyalty in retail banking: A study in the Vietnam retail banks
  • Abstract: For decades, Vietnam banking sector has undergone a significant change in both quality and quantity leading to an intense competition. With the aim of retaining customers, Vietnam retail banks have adopted various incentive methods and customer care strategies. Among diverse methods, enhancing customer loyalty seems to be an effective solution to keep customers. Unfortunately, most of customer loyalty programs of the Vietnam retail banks are as likely as not sufficient due to the lack of knowledge and in-depth research in customer loyalty. From the shortcomings in Vietnam retail banks operation as mentioned above, the purpose of this thesis is to focus on examining customer characteristics in retail banking as well as determining key factors affecting customer loyalty in the Vietnam retail banking system. Novel and practical methods to enhance customer loyalty in this system will be also proposed by this study. Key words: Retail banks, customer loyalty, Vietnam retail banking. 
  • Purpose: Customer retention is a critical issue for managers and several studies have been done to find the factors influencing customer retention. In addition, marketing scholars have long been interested in the link between customer satisfaction and customer retention. However, empirically the link between satisfaction and retention has often been less strong than we have wanted to believe. In many cases, customer satisfaction is not enough to explain customer retention because customers still defect when satisfaction is high and stay with the firm when satisfaction is low (Hennig‐Thurau and Klee, 1997). With the purpose to shed some light in the explanation of customer retention issue, the current research uses the well-known motivation–opportunity–ability (MOA) framework developed by MacInnis and Jaworski (1989) to examine customer retention in financial services. Besides, the study also explores the causality among variables of MOA in customer retention.
  • Originality: The thesis uses MOA framework in explaining customer retention and aims to contribute the insight in mechanism of customer retention in financial service industry. Understanding about mechanism of customer retention helps companies building appropriate strategies to retain customers and enhance competitive ability.
  • Key Literature/theoretical perspective: The study focus on examining customer retention in financial services based on marketing literature in financial services. Moreover, it helps to answer an important question that can MOA theory help explain reason why dissatisfied customers do not defect and why other unsatisfied customers stay loyal?
  • Design/methodology/approach: A mixed method research combining both qualitative and quantitative approach is adopted. Research starts with face to face interviews, follows with survey questionnaire. Then, one year when the survey finishes, follow up activity to find out the changes in customer behaviour is conducted
  • Findings: Research in progress.
  • Practical and social implications: Findings help financial service institutions can establish the effective strategy in retaining customers.
  • Keywords: Customers’ satisfaction, customers’ retention, confidence in decision making, financial service