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Democratic Voice of Burma - Multinational food giants eye spot at Burma’s table

Created: 23 Oct 2012

Publication: Democratic Voice of Burma
Title: Multinational food giants eye spot at Burma’s table
Date: 17 July 2012
Author: Kate Kelly
Excerpt: "But ultimately, the Burmese consumer will make the final decision on what products will be popular, according to Jared Bissinger, a PhD candidate at Australia’s Macquarie University who is studying Burma’s economy.

“Consumers around the world choose companies like Coke and KFC because they like those products,” said Bissinger. “These people have other choices about where to eat and drink but make their choice based on price, taste, or some other factor that they value.

“Competition in food and beverage industries expands consumer’s choices (increasing their welfare), helps bring down price and generally improves quality,” said Bissinger.

He said the role of government should not be to restrict these consumer products but to protect local companies by ensuring an appropriate degree of regulation regarding competition.

“Prohibiting competition and choice in the long run is not the answer, and won’t help companies from Myanmar learn, grow, and compete domestically or internationally,” said Bissinger said."

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