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Myanmar Times Investment Supplement

Created: 22 Oct 2012

Publication: Myanmar Times
Title: Myanmar’s small business not ready for competition
Date: September 2012
Excerpt: "There is potential for bigger, better financed and business-savvy investors to put local firms out of business, agreed Jared Bissinger, a Phd candidate from australia’s Macquarie University who is studying Myanmar’s economy.

“What you don’t want is a bunch of foreign companies coming in and displacing local companies,” Mr Bissinger said. “and there’s a big risk of that happening.”

“Instead, you want foreign companies to come in and do things better through introducing more efficient production methods, more capital or new management techniques,” he said.

“These can bring production costs down and quality up, so new foreign firms don’t just take a slice of the pie but expand the size of the pie.”"

Read "Myanmar’s small business not ready for competition" (PDF)