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Susan Hoadley


Academic journals

  • Huber, E., Hoadley, S., & Wood, L. (2011). Teaching induction program: Framework, design and delivery.  Asian Social Science, 7(11), 13-19.
  • Hoadley, S., Mather, G., & Wood, L. (2011). ] Creating examinations for a linguistically and culturally diverse student cohort.  Innovations in Education & Teaching International, (In press).


  • Hoadley, S. (2008). How to create exams: Learning through assessment. Sydney, NSW: Macquarie University.

Conference proceedings

  • Hoadley, S. (2008). University examination questions in the context of an international student cohort. In C. Wu, C. M. I. M. Matthiessen & M. Herke (Eds.), Voices around the world: Proceedings from the 35th annual International Systemic Functional Congress held in Sydney July 2008 (pp. 38-43).  Sydney, NSW: IFSC 35th Organising Committee.

Conference papers

  • Herke-Couchman, M., & Hoadley, S. (2007).  The year, the facts, the future: Meanings in crisis - the National Australia Bank and the meanings of financial disaster.  Paper presented at the 34th annual International Systemic Functional Congress held in Odense, Denmark.
  • Hoadley, S. (2007).  Context of situation as a framework for interpreting corporate annual reposts.  Paper presented at the 19th annual European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop held in Saarbrucken, Germany.
  • Matthiessen, C.M.I.M., Wu, C., Herke, M., Akerejola, E., Fang, J., Hoadley, S., Kim, M., and Ochi, A. (2008).  Teaching text analysis for translation and interpreting: The trials and tribulations of developing TRAN819. Paper presented at the 2nd conference of the Halliday Centre for Language Science held in Hong Kong, China.