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Jonathan Hamberger

Jonathan Hamberger Macquarie Research Student
  • Title: Mr
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Marketing and Management

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Student information

  • Load: PhD Student Part Time
  • Principal supervisor: Doctor Paul Gollan
  • Associate supervisor: Granberg Bernadine Van
  • Date of submission: 01/01/2000
  • Thesis title: Workplace Grievance and Disputes Procedures in Australia
  • Abstract:

    Formalised procedures for the resolution of workplace based grievances and disputes have become an increasingly significant feature of the Australian industrial relations system since the 1980s. Indeed, it has been an express goal of public policy to promote such procedures for at least the last three decades. Yet there has been almost no research into how such procedures operate in Australia, or into their level of effectiveness.

    An initial analysis of the key variables in assessing the effectiveness of such procedures will be presented. This will have regard to academic and policy discussions both in this country, and the US and the UK. A proposed program of empirical research will also be outlined.

  • Purpose: The paper will use the results of case studies of six large Australian organisations to suggest that the public and private sectors may have distinct approaches to workplace dispute and grievances.


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