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Ruben Mendez Reategui

  • Title: Mr
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Economics

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  1. An Introduction to Institutional Coordination as an Alternate model for Neo Institutional Economic Analysis, ISSN: 1697-6797, MARKET PROCESS: European Journal of Political Economy (Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política), Vol. X, No 2, Autumn 2013, Madrid: UNION EDITORIAL, p.151-200.    
  2. Contracts, Economics and Environmental Regulation (Contratos, Economía y Regulación Ambiental), ISSN: 1697-6797, MARKET PROCESS: European Journal of Political Economy (Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política), Vol. VI, No 2. Autumn 2009, Madrid: UNION EDITORIAL, p. 117-142.
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  4. Analyzing the Breach of Contracts: A Contribution from the Economic Analysis of Law (Reflexiones en torno al cumplimiento contractual: Un aporte desde el Análisis Económico del Derecho) with Raúl Alosilla, Dialogo con la Jurisprudencia Actualidad, análisis y critica jurisprudencial, Lima: Gaceta Juridica, Vol. 13, Issue 113, 2008, pp. 105-111.
  5. Economic Efficiency in Administrative Law. Contrasts between the Neoclassical and Neo-institutional Approach (La Eficiencia Económica en el Derecho Administrativo. Contrastes entre el enfoque neoinstitucional y neoclásico), Revista Jurídica del Perú, Issue 84, Lima: Normas Legales, 2008.
  6. Decision Process, Choice and Political Parties in Latin America: Looking at the Cathedral from the Public Choice Theory (Procesos de Decisión, Elección y Partidos Políticos: Un vistazo a la Catedral desde la Escuela del Public Choice), Cratos Revista de Estudiantes de la EAP de CCPP-UNMSM (Journal Students Political Science School), Lima: Cratos Press, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 2005, pp. 19-24.
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  8. Economics: Introductory Foundations (Economía: Nociones Introductorias), Cathedra Espíritu del Derecho, Lima: Grijley, Vol. 6, Issue 10, 2003, pp. 351- 365.

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  1. A conceptual model of money, credit and currency from the basics of monetary theory in the Austrian School of Economics (Book title: A HOLY LIFE DEDICATED TO FREEDOM: Essays in Honor of Joe Keckeissen/Libro Homenaje a J.E. Keckeissen), Cachanosky, Lingle and Leube Editors, ISBN: 978-987-652-134-5, B.A.: Acton Institute Press, 2014, pp. 37-68.
  2. Governing Bodies in Transition restructuring liquidation: Commentary on Article 75. (Órganos de Administración en la Transición de reestructuración a liquidación: Comentario al artículo 75), Book title: Bankruptcy System Law, An exegetical analysis / Ley General del Sistema Concursal - Ley No 27809-, Un análisis exegético, Espinoza E., J. and Atoche Fernandez, P. Editors, ISBN:978-612-4073-08-3, Lima: Rhodas Press, 2011,  Chapter VI (Dissolution and Liquidation), pp. 596-599.

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  1. Annual Conference of the Spanish Association of Law and Economics: Assessing Institutional Coordination, Labour Market and the Unemployment System in Peru, June 26th and 27th 2011, at Universidad de Málaga, Málaga, Spain.
  2. VII Conference in Heterodox and Austrian Economics: Civil Societies: and the "economics of rules", June, 11th and 12th 2011, organized by URJC and IJM.
  3. XI International Congress of the Spanish Economic History Association (AEHE). Session 10: "Money, finance and business cycles in the History of Economic Thought": A conceptual model of money, credit and currency from the basics of monetary theory in the Austrian School of Economics with Daniel Fernandez (UFM). CUNEF, Madrid 4 - September 5, 2014
  1. Structured, Transitional and Unstructured Societies: An alternate conceptual model and taxonomy to improve testing positive institutional interaction and the “economics of rules”, SIDE - ISLE 2013 - 9th Annual Conference, Dec 12-13th, Lugano - Switzerland, USI - Università della Svizzera Italiana, Editor: Prof. Massimiliano Vatiero. Digital version available at:
  2. The Peruvian Competition Agency as entrepreneur agent: an evaluation of the performance of Indecopi from the modern Austrian Law and Economics (La Agencia Peruana de Competencia como agente empresario: una evaluación de la actuación del Indecopi desde el modern Austrian Law and Economics), GISER Meeting 2012 International Conference: Antitrust and Regulation of Public Utilities, Nov 23-24th, Malaga-Spain, University of Malaga (Law Faculty), Editor: Prof. Alberto Ruiz. Digital preliminary version available at:
  3. An Introduction to the Paradigm of Institutional Coordination as an Alternate Mechanism for an Extensive Economic Analysis, German Law and Economics Association (Gesellschaft für Recht und Ökonomik e.V.) - 11th Annual Meeting, September 13-14th, Bolzano-Italy, Free University of Bolzano (Faculty of Economics), Appointed Chair (Institutional Economics Section). Seminar director: Prof. Roland Kirstein. Information available at:
  4. Emotions and Criminal Behaviour: A review from the Economic Analysis of Law (Emociones y Conducta Delictiva: Un vistazo desde el Análisis Economico del Derecho), XVIII Latin American Conference and X Ibero-American and I National of Criminal Law and Criminology (XVIII Congreso Latinoamericano, X Iberoamericano y I Nacional de Derecho Penal y Criminología), Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Faculty of Law, Political Science and Social Science), Oct 24-27 th(2006), Bogota-Colombia, pp. 155-158, Bogota: LEYER/Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Information available at:
  5. The Economic Analysis of Law as a Tool in the Development of Public Policy on Criminal Regulation (El Análisis Económico del derecho como Instrumento en el Desarrollo de Políticas Publicas en materia de Regulación Penal), XVI Latin American Conference, VIII Ibero-American and I National Criminal Law and Criminology (XVI Congreso Latinoamericano, VIII Iberoamericano y I Nacional de Derecho Penal y Criminología), September 22- 25th(2004), Lima-Peru, pp. 385-391, Lima: Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos/ARA press, 2004
  6. Seminar of the Department of Economic History and Institutions I (Complutense University of Madrid) -Advanced workshop for permanent academic staff-: "The economy of the formal and informal rules: F. Hayek and Douglas North", March 19th, 2014.
  7. VI Conference in Heterodox and Austrian Economics (organized by URJC and IJM): An antitrust agency from an entrepreneurial perspective, a conceptual model to critique a conventional regulatory approach: The Peruvian Case and Functional Entrepreneurship and Institutions in an evolutionary economic environment: A new paradigm of institutional coordination. Madrid-Spain, May 22-23th, 2013.
    Institutions, Economic Regulation and Functional Entrepreneurship: An Alternate model of Economic Development (organized by Externado University), Bogota-Colombia, August 23th, 2012.
  8. IV International Conference: The Austrian School in Current Century: A revision of Economic Foundations for Environmental Regulation and INDECOPI as Economic Entrepreneur: A critique from a Neo Austrian perspective (organized by Catholic University of Argentina) with Raul Alosilla Diaz, Rosario - Argentina August 6-8th, 2012.
    Economic Regulation in Latin America (organized by the Ecuadorian Institute of Political Economy, Quito – Ecuador), October 29th, 2006.
  9. II Latin American and I Ibero-American Congress of Civil Law and Civil Procedure (organized by the University of Guayaquil): Economic Analysis of Peruvian Contractual and Real State Legislation, October 4-7th, 2006.

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  1. Critical Analysis: Ugly Stories of the Peruvian Agrarian Reform (2009) by Enrique Mayer (London: Duke University Press), JILAR (Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research), London: Taylor & Francis, ISSN: 978-08- 2234-469-8, Vol. 16, Issue 2, 2010, pp. 174-176.    
  2. Critical Analysis: Buscando la Nación Peruana (2009) by Thomas Ward (Lima: Horizonte Press), London: JILAR (Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research), London: Taylor & Francis, ISSN: 978-18- 5566-277-8, Vol. 17, Issue 2, 2011, pp. 258 -260.
  3. Jurisprudence: A Preliminary Concept (Filosofia del Derecho: Una Nocion Intrductoria), Iust et Veritas (Catholic University of Peru: Journal Students Law Faculty), Lima: Iust et Veritas Press, Issue 28, 2004, pp. 394-398.

Columnist: Economics of the “Black Box”. Altavoz Newspaper (

Professional Membership

  • Member of: Mont Pelerin Society (MPS)
  • Memeber of: International Public Choice Society
  • Scholar of: WINNIR - Global Scholars Network for Institutional Studies
  • Associate of: American Economic Association (AEA)
  • Associate of: American Economic Association of Law and Economics (AALE)
  • Associate of: German Law and Economics Association (GLEA)

Student information

  • Load: PhD Student Full Time
  • Principal supervisor: Dr Alison Vicary
  • Associate supervisor: Dr Wylie Bradford
  • Date of submission: 30/06/2015
  • Thesis title: “Essays on Institutional Coordination, Functional Entrepreneurship and an Alternate Taxonomy of Civil Society”
  • Abstract: This research introduces an alternate theoretical model named Institutional Coordination which refers to positive institutional interaction. In addition this thesis highlights the relevance and links the concepts of functional, productive and unproductive entrepreneurship, institutions (set of complex and interactive formal and informal rules) and civil society (involving a process of dynamic coordination among individuals) and their roles and how these roles affect economic growth.  As case study, Perú has been selected to build a strong illustration. Then the author reviews the meta-concept of Institutions and how this is understood by modern mainline (market orientated) economics. This review is followed by the introduction of new categorizations of civil society (structured, transitional and unstructured). The target of these new categorizations is to better explain the relevance of institutional coordination. This conceptual model represents an unconventional interpretation of the institutional framework. To achieve this objective, the theoretical contributions from the History of Economic Thought, critical views from Economic History, and the use of tools from sociology, political sciences and applied economics has been considered essential. Furthermore, the thesis introduces analytically concepts (and their derivatives and subsequent developments), such as transaction costs (Coase, 1937 and 1960), rent seeking and political action (Buchanan, 1962), formal and informal institutions (North 1981 and Williamson, 1985), market process (Hayek 1974); and entrepreneurship function (Kirzner, 1973). These authors (classics in their respective schools) will represent the argumentative platform of this research.