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Academic Availability

Alison Barnes -
Workplace conflict and employee resistance,  Workplace architecture,  Social media and work, Union campaigning strategies
Alison Pullen -

Gender and organization; diversity management; identity and ethics in organisations; feminist philosophy and management; critical management studies; embodiment and leadership; gendered methodologies

Andreas Hellmann -

international accounting and behavioural accounting

Anne Ross-Smith - Organisational change and sustainability, Women in executive leadership, Gender and Organisation theory
Ben Wang - monetary policy, structural macroeconomic models, business cycle analysis, and expectation formation
Catriona Lavermicocca -

income taxation law, company tax compliance behaviour and tax risk management

Chris Baumann -

Confucianism a driving and/or hindering force for competitiveness and economic progression in East Asia (PDF), Competitiveness, Confucianism, Customer Loyalty, East Asia (South Korea, China, Taiwan)

Chris Patel -

International accounting, Harmonisation and convergence of financial reporting, Theoretical and methodological limitations of international accounting research, Professional accountants' judgments across countries such as Germany, Japan, India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and Australia; Globalisation and contextual factors on accounting in Germany, Italy, China, Sri Lanka and Japan; Ethics in international accounting

Christopher Heaton -

econometrics, financial econometrics, time series, methods for large data sets, and the economics of education

Cynthia Marie Webster -

social marketing, consumption and well-being, social network analysis, consumer behaviour, relationship marketing

Daehoon Nahm -

productivity and efficiency, and applied econometrics

David Gray -

Consumer decision-making and customer brand switching behaviour, Relationship marketing and Strategic Alliances, Entrepreneurship, Business-to-Business Marketing, Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Internal Marketing, Interpersonal skills (emotional intelligence, influence strategies), Energy Efficiency Marketing and Social Marketing, workforce insecurity

David Pitt -

Actuarial statistics, models for income protection insurance

David Rooney -

knowledge, organisational wisdom, leadership, organisational behaviour, change management, organisational culture, innovation, policy

David Throsby -

the value of Aboriginal cultural heritage: cultural production and regional economies in Eastern Arnhem Land and the Western Desert project scholarship, Economics of arts and culture, environmental economics, public economics

Edward Wray-Bliss - Business Ethics; Leadership Ethics; The Ethics and Politics of Work and Organisation; Resistance in the Workplace; Drug and alcohol use, and drug testing, in the workplace; Visual analysis of Organisation; ; Research Ethics in Management and the Social Sciences; Qualitative Research Methods and Methodologies; Critical Management Studies; Ethical and Continental Philosophy in Organisation Studies
Egon Kalotay - Empirical work in asset pricing, portfolio management and credit risk modeling
Elizabeth Sheedy -

Risk Culture and Governance in financial institutions, Enterprise Risk Management, Financial Risk Management, Modelling Market Risk e.g. VaR, EaR

Fei Guo -

Confucianism – driving and/or hindering force for competitiveness and economic progression in East Asia (PDF), Labour migration and labour market integration of migrants; migration and mobility of skilled labour;  consequences of demographic changes; population ageing and aged workforce; and consumer demographics.

Geoff Kingston -

Professor Kingston uses the martingale method of optimisation to build and calibrate models useful for retirement planning. He has previously supervised research in this field, and would welcome applications from early-career researchers in mathematical economics and finance

Geoffrey F. Loudon -
George Milunovich -

time series, econometrics, structural models in econometrics, interdependences across financial markets, pairs trading and statistical arbitrage, financial contagion

Hume Winzar -

marketing research techniques, choice modelling, conjoint analysis, application of complexity theory and agent-based modelling to marketing

James Cummings -

Commercial banks, Pension funds, Prudential regulation, Futures markets, Market microstructure

James Hazelton - Sustainability reporting by organisations, governments and regions (including but not limited to water, energy, pollution and political donations); ethics, habits and willpower in a professional context
Jana Bowden -

services marketing and relationship marketing, customer loyalty and disloyalty, customer engagement, customer satisfaction and consumption emotions

Jeffrey Sheen - International Economics, Macroeconomics, Labour, International Finance
Jiwook Jang - Jump diffusion processes and their applications to finance and insurance, Piecewise deterministic Markov processes theory
Jordi McKenzie -

applied microeconomics, industrial organisation, cultural economics, experimental economics

June Buchanan -

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Gambling; Marketing legal but potentially harmful products; Relationships between government, industry operators, the community and media; International/global marketing

Kay-Wah Chan -

comparative law, law and society, legal professions, East Asian law and legal systems

Lawrence Ang - advertising, social media, customer relationship management, consumer behaviour, brand equity.
Leanne Carter -

Social Marketing, Internal Marketing, Transition to professional work, Work integrated learning, Interpersonal skills (interpersonal relational competence and persistence), Graduate capabilities.

Leonie Tickle -

Mortality forecasting, mortality modelling and analysis, Indigenous mortality, insurance experience, learning and teaching in higher education

Louise Thornthwaite -

Labour and industrial law, diversity and equality policy, management policy on IR and HRM, the ageing workforce, social media and work, training and development, Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Workers'Compensation Law.

Lurion De Mello -

Energy Economics, Financial Economics, Investments, Macroeconomics, Econometrics of Financial Markets. He is currently working on Time Series Models, Copulas and Wavelets and their application in Economics and Finance. He has published papers in topics such as Money Demand, Environmental Economics, Equity Risk Premium, Petrochemical & Crude Oil Price Dynamics (including ethylene and methanol)

Meena Chavan -

international business, cross cultural management, entrepreneurship, small business management, operations management and quality management

Mehdi Sadeghi - capital market, emerging markets finance, and Islamic banking and finance
Nick Parr -

Demography, fertility, family policies, workforce demography, workforce participation, workforce planning, migrant populations, staistical demography

Nikola Balnave -

Business, management and labour history, Co-operatives and mutuals, Social media and work, Union campaigning strategies

Parmod Chand -

accounting judgement and decision making

Piet de Jong -

Actuarial Science, Risk Management, Actuarial Statistics

Pundarik Mukhopadhaya -

Welfare and Development Economics, China, South Asia, Southeast Asia

Rahat Munir -

Management accounting, management control systems, performance measurement & management systems, balanced scorecard, internal controls in banks

Ren Yi - Research Management, WTO , APEC and China
Robert Jack -

International business case study research, Firm internationalisation strategies, Internationalisation strategies of emerging market multinationals, The 'born global' firm, International services

Roselyne Joyeux -

time series analysis; econometrics and its applications to macroeconomics, energy economics, and finance.

Ryle Perera -

Mathematical Finance

Sachi Purcal -
Salut Muhidin -

Applied demography in business, marketing and human resources; Demographic projection and forecasting; Migration and labor mobility; Health and ageing population; Demographic models and methods of analysis; Population development in Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Savanid (Nui) Vatanasakdakul -

Information Systems (IS) and e-commerce, Cross-cultural and global issues on IS research, IS transfer in Asia, Accounting Information Systems

I am looking for quality PhD students in the information systems area. I have successfully co-supervised a PhD to completion in IT governance. The study investigated the implications of IT Operational Frameworks on Organisations. It was conducted in Germany and Australia.

Other research students that I have supervised to completion are in the areas of: ERP post-implementation performance in Chinese manufacturing firms, the use of Accounting Information Systems by Australian accounting professionals, Information Systems skill sets for Australian accounting students and professionals, and Adoption of IT governance by Australian firms.

I am currently looking for students interested in pursuing a PhD in the areas of organisational and cultural aspects of information system.

Scott Koslow -

Advertising, consumer behaviour, creativity, eye tracking technology, OTC medicines

Sean Turnell - Burma/Myanmar, its economy and institutions, financial sector reform in Southeast Asia, the history of economic thought in Australia and Asia.
Senia Kalfa -

organization theory, employability/ transferable skills, management practices and productivity, teamwork, employee participation, chronic illness and the workplace

Shauna Ferris -
Shuping Shi -
  • Time Series Analysis 
  • Financial Econometrics 
  • Bubbles and Crises
Sophia Su -

Management accounting, organisational culture, employee morale

Stefan Trueck -

Risk Management, Financial Econometrics, Energy and Commodity Markets, International Financial Markets, Climate Change and Carbon Trading, Real Estate Economics

Sue Wright -

Financial reporting and valuation in Australia, particularly in the finance sector. A focus on issues such as corporate governance, earnings management, and their relations to corporate valuation and performance. Also topics in capital markets and finance related to corporate decision making, structures and behaviour.

Timothy Kyng -

Employee Share Options (ESOs); Real Options Analysis; Finance and Actuarial education; Financial literacy; Financial decision making; Actuarial / financial analysis of complex financial contracts; retirement villages

Tony Bryant - General Equilibrium Theory, Game Theory, Applied Macroeconomics and Mathematical Economics Education
Vicki Baard -

management accounting and research in learning and teaching

Xian Zhou -

Actuarial Studies/Statistics, Survival Analysis, Operations Research

Yimin (Stephanie) Huang -

business-to-business marketing, dynamics of business relationships and networks, trust, brand engagement, cross-cultural studies, consumer well-being, luxury branding and marketing

Yue Wang -

Contracting theory, institutional theories (NIE and NIS), evolutionary economics, and dynamic capabilities literatures, and their applications in international business and management topics; East Asian business systems (China, Japan, Korea)

Yvette Blount -

how information systems affect human resource management policies and practices in the service sector

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