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Accounting and Corporate Governance

StudentThesis TitleSubmittedAwarded
Siti Norafidah Mohd RamliAn Application of Jump Diffusion Models in Credit Risk
Rangga HandikaEnergy Risk Management: Spot Futures, Convenience Yield, and Derivative Pricing
Nicholas Addai BoamahRisk-return Characteristics of the Ghana Stock Exchange
Deborah Cotton

Analysis of the Relative Efficiencies of Alternative Trading Architectures/ Platforms in Terms of GHG Emissions Valuation

Anthony CarltonInvestigating the Discount on Trade Sales
Prabowo, Tri Jatmiko Wahyu

Performance Management, New Public Management and Organisational Culture

Stephen HaswellSub-Prime Syndrome Pressures FASB and IASB
Patricia Blazey

Abdullah NouraAccounting Professionalization and education in emerging economies: the case of Kuwait
Dahliana Hasan

Environmental related taxes on manufacturing industries in Indonesia: developing an effective framework for environmental sustainability and revenue raising

Christofer Adrian

The Relative Importance of Corporate Governance Attributes: Evidence from Corporate Stakeholders

Celeste BlackCarbon pricing and taxation: an international comparison
Amy Tung

The Effectiveness of Performance Measurement Systems: A Study of Government Departments in Australia

Zahra Borghei GhomiVoluntary Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure by Non-Greenhouse Gas Registered Australian Companies: Determinants and Consequences
Narelle GordonHow does trading activity influence equity prices? Three essays using Australian data20132014
James LauCorporate cash holdings and payout policy in listed founder and family corporations20132013
Ade PalupiA Sociological Analysis of the Field of Public Sector Accounting in Indonesia from the 1960s to 201020132013
Jessica Chen
Fengfei WangManagement control systems in inter-organizational relationships: evidence from Australia20132013
Gabriela Lopes-DamianiFactors Influencing the Accreditation Process for Australian Residential Aged Care Homes: An Institutional Theory and Quality Perspective20132013
Edward Tello MelendezThe Role of Standardised Water Accounting in enhancing the Accountability of Australian Water Management20132013
Philip HeinzEthical issues in the context of earnings management using Germany as a case study20132013
Asit BhattacharyyaCorporate Social Responsibility – Attitudes, Performance and Reporting: A Comparative Study of an Emerging and Developed Economy20122013
Hitoshi MurakamiDevelopment of Japanese Studies in Hong Kong20122013
Karen HandleyAccounting standards for Australian SMEs: Identifying, considering and incorporating the needs of users into financial statements20122013
Mary AyadA Proposal to Guide Future Draft Article provisions for a Model Harmonised International Commercial Arbitration Law Code (HICALC) in the Middle East and North Africa or a Uniform Arab Arbitration Law20122013
Rajni MalaAccounting convergence: The role of experiences, accountability and decision aids in enhancing judgements of accountants in Australia and Malaysia20122013
Bryan MercurioPublic health, intellectual property rights and international economic law: Opportunities and threats20122012
Shane LeongThe role of disclosure in enhancing accountability and mitigating the democratic risk of corporate political donations20122012
Xia SuAn examination of management control systems from an organizational life cycle perspective and their association with employee organizational commitment20122012
Eva Maria HeidhuesGlobalisation and convergence of accounting: A contextual analysis of issues, attitudes and their implications in the German context20112012
Huying Wu (Stella)Adoption of Anglo-American models of corporate governance and financial reporting in China20112011
Nazzal Mansour Ismail KisswaniDesigning a new regulatory framework for telecommunication interception and access in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan20112011
Ranjith AppuhamiManagement control systems in public-private partnerships: The case of Sri Lanka20112011
Hiromi UchiboriAn analysis of effectiveness: WTO dispute settlement20112011
Andreas HellmannInternational convergence of financial reporting standards and accounting modernization in Germany20112011
Athula EkanayakeThe role of accounting in corporate governance of banks in a developing country: Evidence from Sri Lanka20112011

Rahat Munir

Performance measurement system change: A case study from the banking sector in an emerging economy20112011
Fifi JunitaEnforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Indonesia: The role of public policy exception20102011
Maheswaran SridaranA Study on Whether the Australian Regime of Income Tax on Capital Gains Causes Widespread Violation of Horizontal Equity20102011
Alan KilgoreThe relative importance of audit-team and audit-firm factors in perceptions of audit quality20102010
Rosiati RamliThe challenges of sustainable transportation: An international comparative perspective with particular reference to the Southeast Asian experience20102010
Gordon BoyceCritical, social and environmental accounting: Prospects and possibilities for Gramscian intellectual praxis in a globalising world20092009
Alicia JiangThe associations between audit environment, managements' economic trade-offs, and perceived auditor failures20082008
Parmod ChandImplications of the global trend towards convergence of financial reporting standards20082008

Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies

StudentThesis TitleSubmittedAwarded
Kun (Sophia) FanValuation of financial derivatives under regime switching models20142014
Yang (Stanley) ShenAsset Pricing and Portfolio Optimization under Regime Switching Models20132014
Julio Sarmiento-SabogalThe Cost of Equity for Non-traded firms in Emerging Markets: A Latin-American Perspective20132014
Farzad Alavi FardAnalysis of pricing securities in incomplete markets20132014
Amogh DeshpandeRegime switching models in finance20132014
Celeste ChaiGARCH Models for Pricing and Hedging Insurance Products and Developing a Stochastic Mortality Model20132013
Sean AnthoniszThe implications of firm structural models for asset pricing and corporate restructuring20112011
Catriona MarchPricing methods and bounds for average options in Exponential Lévy models20092009
Shane MageeThe effect of foreign currency hedging on external financing, the probability of financial distress and firm value20092009

Marketing and Management

Student Thesis Title Submitted Awarded
Mark TayarCompeting institutional logics in the internationalisation of Australian universities
Joe Pitt

Multi-modal food story immersion: A persuasion mechanism and theory of photographic depiction of food products in advertising and marketing

Jennifer RuskinGiving selflessly and building oneself: An exploration of social entrepreneurial motives and reward
Hector ViverosStakeholder Interactions and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Mining Industry
Frances ChangEntrepreneurial Networks in the Internationalization Process
Susan HoadleyThreshold concepts in business
Jonathan HambergerWorkplace Grievance and Disputes Procedures in Australia
Yousef AlnamlahAn Examination of Muslim Religious Practices in the Workplace and their Implications for Management
Somayeh AlizadehA Theorethical Model for Intercultural Communication Competence in Healthcare Systems
Murray Taylor

The Effect of Product Characteristics on the Internationalisation Process on Born Global Firms: A Pace, Pattern & Scale Perspective

Adam GaskillMarketing performance measurement as a moderator of CFO satisfaction with the marketing function.2013
Hassan KharroubiIs Offshoring decision a Strategic Orientation for growth or a Strategic Response to declining Firm Performance?2013
Marjorie O'NeilA Modern Theory to Explain The Late Life Career of Older Workers2013
Monica RenInternationalization motives and risk attitudes: A comparative study of Chinese mining SOEs and NSOEs20132014
Abas MizraeiQuantifying measures of electronic supply chain management and assessing its impact on customer loyalty process in digital environment20132014
Gong SunTraditional culture, political ideologies and luxury consumption in China20132013
Haining WangWork, Wage and Welfare Entitlement: Migrant Workers in Urban Labor Market in China20132013
Sook Neok YapBeauty-Attractive by face or body? Order of image appearance and cross cultural study20132013
Zhou JiangA Cross-Cultural Study of the Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Commitment20132013
June Buchanan

Jackie Li Mortality Projection Methods: Extensions and Modifications 2013 2013
Anna Rowe Feedback in higher education: Personal, relational and emotional dimensions 2012 2013
Choon-Hwa Lim The mediating role of culture in structured behavioural selection interviews 2012 2012
Ellen Clare Le Roy Implementing the social dimension of Corporate Responsibility: A study in the Australian university context 2012 2012
Eun-Kyung Seo Impact of cultural values and equity sensitivity in employees' perceptions of workplace equity, job satisfaction, commitment and organizational citizenship behaviour 2012 2012
Jasmina Ilicic Brand values, dilution and authenticity: Evaluating celebrity co-branding partnerships 2012 2012
Nathan Vincent Relationship Marketing in Membership Associations 2012 2012
Helene Mountford Let's hang on to what we've got: An analysis of Australian human resource management strategies to retain older workers in age care facilities 2011 2012
Melinda Varhegyi Development of the desire for postgraduate study: The role of career decision-making self-efficacy and career decision in shaping postgraduate aspirations 2011 2012
Teresa Swirski Becoming a creative practitioner in a complex society: Fostering a capability approach in higher education pedagogy 2011 2012
Alfred Presbitero Testing the generalisability of an Australian model of organisation development in the collectivist culture of the Philippines 2011 2011
Junhua Chen Migration, Urbanization and Dual Labor Market: Analysis of Dynamics and Constraints of Chinese Urban Housing Growth 2011 2011
Mohammad Naseri Bakher Comparing the utility of demographics-based online shopping models to alternative theory-based models: A meta-data analysis approach 2011 2011
Neil Rupidara The configuration of human resource systems within multinational subsidiaries in Indonesia 2011 2011
Yeqing Huang Social exclusion of rural-urban migrants in transitional China 2011 2011
Leanne Carter Internal market orientation, interpersonal relational competence and employee performance: Empirical evidence from a not-for-profit organisation 2010 2010
Stephane Bignoux A low power supplier's perspective on the exercise of control and influence in buyer-supplier partnerships versus preferred supplier agreements 2009 2009
Jana Bowden The development of service loyalty:  The role of relational antecedents and the moderating effect of consumption stage 2008 2009


StudentThesis TitleSubmittedAwarded
Chamadanai MarknualTerm Structure Modeling, Forecasting and Implications for Monetary Policy
Colin BowersModelling High Frequency Financial Time Series
Anita Zednik

Taste and Consumers' Demand for Music

Ruben ReateguiEssays on Institutional Coordination, Functional Entrepreneurship and an Alternate Taxonomy of Civil Society
Sigit Triandaru

The Role of Altruism in Wellbeing

Jie DingEssays on Post-Retirement Financial Planning and Pension Policy Modelling in Australia20132014
Anh Tuan BuiExchange rate predictability, monetary policy announcements, and the term structure of interest rates20132014
Ning RongRisk Quantification with Application in Portfolio Management and Dervatives Pricing20132013
Matias Vaira LuceroMigrants' Remitting and Saving Behaviours

Peng ZhouRetirement Decisions

Yuling CuiRural labour migration and the employment in China: SOEs and non-SOEs

Md. Al-Amin PramanikPoverty and gender inequality: The case of Ready-Made Garment (RMG) workers in Bangladesh20132013
Onur AtesCultural capital: At the crossroads of economics and culture20122013
Ben Zhe WangEssays on monetary policy for DSGE models with real frictions20122012
Tzameret Halal RubinScience technology and innovation: Cross-industry technological innovation, public-private collaboration and technological business incubators20122012
Wei LiAn institutional study of the implementation of environmental policies in China20122012
Ekaterina IgnatievaVolatility modelling in equity and energy markets with applications to derivative pricing, hedging and risk management20112013
Ivan CuccoCapitalist dynamics in a reforming state socialist economy: labour markets, class and inequality in a Chinese High-Technology Development Zone20112012
Janiece ZwarCultural value and books in public debate in Australia 2003-200820112012
Lurion De MelloUpstream and downstream hydrocarbon prices: Crude oil to plastics20112012
Mohamed HaniffaThe impact of terrorism on a capital market: The case of Sri Lanka20112012
Paul OnyinaThe impact of a microfinance programme on clients: Evidence from Ghana20112012
Bhanu BhatiaSocial capital in rural Bangladesh: A critique from the gender perspective20112011
Fatemeh NazifiLinkages among carbon and energy markets20112011
Mohammod Lutful KabirPoverty reduction through rural non-farm economy (RNFE) development in Bangladesh: Building capabilities of the poor20112011
Tamgid Ahmed ChowdhuryRelative efficiency of alternative microfinance-driven poverty alleviation programs in Bangladesh20112011
Zurina KefeliDemand for health insurance in Malaysia and the impact on health care utilisation: An analysis of the changes in health sector performance 1996-200620112011
Julian InchauspeThe economics of currency crises20102010
Thu Ha VuEfficiency and productivity analysis of the banking industry in Vietnam20102010
ZhiMing ChengUrban Poverty among laid-off workers in the Chinese State Enterprise Reform20102010
Ivan TrofimovPolitical Economy of Agricultural Protectionism and Liberalisation: a Policy Entrepreneurship Perspective20092010
Rebecca ReeveIndigenous poverty and policy approaches in urban NSW20092010
Toni GhaziInstitutional Framework for Doing Business in Lebanon20092010
Andrea Khamyeane ChareunsyAnalysing development strategies under social learning rules using a local interaction game in an underdeveloped society.20092009
Laura ProtaAnalysis of exchange networks in transition: Land, rice and labour markets in southern Vietnam20092009
Raymond LiThe International steam coal market: Evolution and future20092009
William WornerAnalysis of exchange networks in transition: Land, rice and labour markets in southern Vietnam20092009
Wojciech SzewczykAPEC digital divide: Economic policy implications20082009
Alison VicaryThe economics of NGO governance: NGOS and the international aid industry20082008