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Choon-Hwa Lim

Photo of Choon-Hwa Lim
  • Title: Mrs
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Marketing and Management
  • Unit Name: BBA340: Cross Cultural Management

Contact Details


  • MGSM Management Scholarship: (Macquarie University)
  • Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training: ()
  • Master of Arts, 1st Class Honours: (University of Canterbury)
  • Bachelor of Commerce: (University of Canterbury)


journal toggle icon open Refereed Journal Articles

  • Lim, C. H., Winter, R. and Chan, C. C. A. (2006). Cross-Cultural Interviewing in the Hiring Process: Challenges and Strategies. Career Development Quarterly, 54(3), 265-268.
  • Lim, C. H., and Kramar, R. (December 2008). Investigations of the Influence of Culture on the Job Interview: Need for a Grounded Theory Approach. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Conference Proceeding.
  • Lim, C. H., and Kramar, R. (December 2009). Interethnic job selection interviewing of Chinese candidates in a large financial institution in Australia. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Poster Presentation.
  • Lim, C. H. (2008). Advance Australia Fair … and Colourful! Flourish, 3(1), 8-10, Norwest Recruitment Services, Sydney.

Professional Membership

  • Member of: Australian Psychological Society, Australia
  • Member of: NSW Psychologists Registration Board, Australia

Community engagement

  • Committee Member, Anglican Church’s Northern Region Multicultural Ministry
  • Crisis Counselor and Trainer
  • Community Police Advisory Board

Student information

  • Load: PhD Student Full Time
  • Principal supervisor: Dr Meena Chavan
  • Associate supervisor: Professor Lucy Taksa
  • Date of submission: 31/12/2011
  • Thesis title: Cultural intelligence in the cross-cultural selection interview
  • Abstract: This thesis explores the cross-cultural job interview wholistically based on attribution theory. The setting is on the Chinese candidates being interviewed by the non-Chinese interviewers in a large Australian financial services organisation. Three sets of data are gathered - real live selection interviews, semi-structured debrief interviews with the candiates, and semi-structured debrief interviews with the interviewers. This thesis will contribute to the literature with a conceptual model of the cross-cultural job interview. Practitioners will benefit from a list of guidelines on effective cross-cultural interviewing.


  • Lim, C. Winter, R. and Chan, C.C.A., 2006. Cross-cultural interviewing in the hiring process: challenges and strategies. Career Development Quarterly, [e-journal] 54 (3), March Issue, pp.265-268 Available through: Business Source Premier database [Accessed 25 August 2010].
  • Lim, C. and Kramar, R., 2008. Investigations of the influence of culture on the job interview: need for a grounded theory approach. In: ANZAM (Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management), 22nd Annual conference on managing in the Pacific Century. Auckland, New Zealand 2-5 December 2008. Auckland: The University of Auckland Business School.
  • Lim, C. and Kramar, R., 2009. A Framework of the influence of culture on the job interview. Poster Presentation, In: ANZAM (Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management), 23rd Annual conference on sustainable management and marketing. Melbourne, Australia 1-4 December 2009. Melbourne: Monash University.
  • Lim, C. Zhuravleva, E. and Chavan, M., 2011. Tripping over the culture talk in the structured selection interview process. In: BAM (British Academy of Management), 25th conference on building and sustaining high performance organisations in a challenging environment. Birmingham, United Kingdom 12-15 September 2011. Aston University, United Kingdom.