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Nathan Vincent

Nathan Vincent Macquarie Research Student
  • Title: Mr
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Marketing and Management

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Student information

  • Load: PhD Student Part Time
  • Associate supervisor: Doctor David Michael Gray
    Hume Winzar
  • Date of submission: 14/03/2014
  • Abstract: Empirical studies into Relationship Marketing (RM) have resulted in a range of conclusions, which are attributed to the different exchange contexts, strategies and constructs investigated. Results from a recent meta-analysis (Palmatier et al. 2006) suggest RM strategies are most effective in business-to-business relationships, channel exchanges and service contexts. The aim of this study is to build on and empirically test previous qualitative research into RM within a membership association context (Vincent and Webster 2006). From the extant literature a hypothesised model of RM within a membership association, that follows the antecedent-mediator-outcome structure so prevalent within RM literature, was developed. Questionnaires were sent to members of the largest, independent wine club in Australia which involves both product and service exchanges relating to a complex, experiential luxury item marketed directly from the association to individual consumers. The results of this study will enable management of membership associations to have a greater understanding of how the relationship develops between the association and its members, how to strengthen this relationship and how to realise an increased level of benefit from the relationship for both the members and the association. These findings will have a broad application across many membership associations regardless of the exchange context in which they operate.