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Wei Li

Wei Li Macquarie Research Student
  • Title: Mrs
  • Position: PhD Student - Department of Economics

Contact Details

Student information

  • Load: PhD Student Full Time
  • Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Melanie Beresford
  • Associate supervisor: Professor Guojun Song
  • Date of submission: 24/08/2012
  • Thesis title: Water Abstraction Charge: A Study on its Application and Impacts on Water Resource Protection in China
  • Abstract: Water is central to all dimensions of life, and resource depletion is viewed as a limitation to future growth. An important economic instrument used in water resource management, the Water Abstraction Charge (WAC), is a fee that is passed on to end users of water and represents a sustainable price for water. While much research on WAC use has been carried out in developed countries, this study investigates the application of WAC and its impact on water resource management in China where in the last decade water resources have become increasingly scarce both in terms of quantity and quality. By using multivariate analysis, this study will examine the empirical evidence of adopting WAC on water resources availability. One reason there are so few studies evaluating the effectiveness of environmental policy in China is because of the difficulties in obtaining data. This data problem may be overcome for this study since individual provincial governments set up their own WAC standards. Therefore, a pooled, time-series, cross-section (TSCS) dataset on WAC could be set up. By testing whether WAC’s effect on water resource usage is positive and statistically significant in several regions of China, results on the effectiveness of the present WAC system and policy implications for other regions could be drawn.


Accepted Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Wei Li, Guojun Song, Melanie Beresford, Ben Ma. 2011. China's transition to green energy systems: the economics of home solar water heaters and their popularization in Dezhou city. Energy Policy. accepted in June 2011, forthcoming (ERA=B.ABDC=B. SSCI journal. Impact factor 2.436. DOI: 10.1016/j.enpol.2011.06.044 ).
  • Wei Li, Tzameret Rubin, Paul Onyina. 2011. Comparing solar water heater popularization policies in China, Israel, and Australia: the role of government in adopting green innovations. Sustainable Development. Invited paper, accepted in May, 2011 (ERA=B. ABDC=B. SSCI journal).
  • Wei Li, Melanie Beresford, and Guojun Song. 2011. Market failure or governmental failure? A study of China's water abstraction policies. China Quarterly, accepted in August 2010, forthcoming in December 2011 (ERA = A, ABDC =A, SSCI journal).
  • Wei Li, Guojun Song, Jingran Yang. 2011. A study on China's water abstraction permit and abstraction policies. Water Resources Protection, forthcoming in 2011 (core journal in China, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1004-6933.2011.04.000).
  • Zongguo Wen, Kunmin Zhang, Bin Du, Yongdong Li, and Wei Li. 2007. Case study on the genuine progress indicator methodology to measure economic welfare in China. Ecological Economics, vol. 63, issue 2-3 (ERA = A. ABDC=A, SSCI journal).
  • Guojun Song, Wei Li, and Jianyu Zhang. 2003. Socio-economic development and the demand-supply analysis of water pollution control in Lake Tai. Journal of Lake Science, 10(Supp.): 507-518. (in Chinese)

Working Paper

  • Wei Li, Melanie Beresford, Guojun Song. 2011. Building an urban water sustainability index: A latent variable model approach. 

Conference presentation papers

  • Wei Li, Melanie Beresford, Guojun Song. 2011. Evaluating China's residential water tariffs through constructing an urban water sustainability index: a latent variable model approach. 2011 Melbourne Conference on China. Melbourne, August 2011.
  • Wei Li, China's transition to green energy systems: the economics of home solar water heaters and their popularization in Dezhou city. 17th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference. New York, May 2011.
  • Guojun Song, Ben Ma, Wei Li. A study on the evaluation methodology for solar water heaters and the popularization policy. Power and Energy Engineering Conference (PEEC 2010). Xuzhou, September 2010.  
  • Wei Li, The political economy of China's water allocation system. In 16th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference. Hong Kong, May 2010. 

Book chapters

  • Chpt 3, 4, 5, in Kunmin Zhang, Guojun Song, Zongguo Wen. Eco-city Monitoring and Urban Sustainable Development Indicators. China Environmental Science Press, Beijing, 2003. 

Technical Reports

  • Zhong Ma, Xiaohe Zhang, and Wei Li. Risk assessment of implementing Montreal Protocol in China. Technical report, Renmin University of China, October 2002.