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Louise Thornthwaite

Louise Thornthwaite

A2B Symposium - Academic 2 Business - Research informing Business

19th November 2014, InterContinental Sydney, 117 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW, Australia

Associate Professor Louise Thornthwaite

Topic: Social Media and Employment


Social media and other web-based technologies present many challenges to the employment relationship and labour law. One particular set of challenges involves the emergence of social media as a new frontier in the expression of collective and individual employee voice. Associated with this frontier, are also questions to do with privacy and freedom of expression. The established legal boundary between employees' public and private lives is blurring as a result of employers' ability to scrutinise employees' private behaviour when off duty. Employers' social media policies are a tool enabling growing encroachments and regulation of employees' private lives. In this presentation, I will discuss research which I am conducting solo and in collaborations with colleagues on these aspects of social media and its impact.

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