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Sue Wright

Sue Wright

A2B Symposium - Academic 2 Business - Research informing Business

19th November 2014, InterContinental Sydney, 117 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW, Australia

Associate Professor Sue Wright

Topic: International banking after the crisis: Changes in governance and risks


This presentation reports on two connected research projects, both examining how international banking and banks have responded in the post crisis period. The first project analyses and ranks the extent of adoption of the Basel Committee's 2010 revisions to governance principles, in a number of advanced economies. It identifies reasons for the varied regulatory response in different countries, providing little hope that another crisis can be averted by international agreements on governance, in spite of the rhetoric in the immediate aftermath of the crisis.

The second project analyses the relations between banks' risk management and their performance and risk outcomes, in the periods before, during and after the crisis, for almost 150 international banks. Our findings during and after the crisis period challenge traditional ideas of the effects of good risk management on risk and return.

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