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Economics Research Seminar

Past Seminar from the archive

  • Topic: Underinvestment in Profitable Technologies when Experimentation is Costly: Evidence from a Migration Experiment In Bangladesh
  • Speaker: Dr Shyamal Chowdhury, Agricultural and Resource Economics Research Group, University of Sydney
  • Was held: 9th September, 2011, (Fri)


This paper studies the causes and consequences of internal seasonal migration in north-western Bangladesh, in a region where over 5 million people below the poverty line must cope with a pre-harvest seasonal famine, known locally as Monga, almost every year. This seasonal famine is emblematic of widespread pre-harvest "lean" or "hungry" seasons throughout South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa documented in a number of studies,where imperfect consumption smoothing forces households below poverty during parts of the year. Inspired by the observation that nearby urban areas off er better wage and employment opportunities during the lean season, we provide small grant and loan incentives (of $8.50 or 600 Taka) in 100 study villages to encourage people to seasonally migrate out in search of employment.


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