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Semester 2, 2006

As part of its commitment to excellence in research, the Department of Accounting and Finance conducts a regular research seminar series. Presenters include academic staff from other universities as well as staff from our department. These sessions facilitate the dissemination of current research findings in all areas of accounting and finance.

Seminars during the second semester of 2006 will normally be held between 11.00am -12.30pm on most Thursdays in E5A 131. Any further enquiries may be directed to the Seminar Convenor Sue Wright or Seminar Administrator Iris Chung.

The venues map will assist you in finding room locations.

Seminars from 2006 Semester 1 are also available.

August 17

Professor Gerry Gallery
Queensland University of Technology

“The Impact of Recent Regulatory Changes on the Earnings Forecasting Behaviour of Australian Initial Public Offering Firms”

August 24

Dr Raymond Young
Macquarie University

"Governing Business Projects - Pragmatic Research for the Real World"

How Boards and Senior Managers have governed ICT projects to succeed (or fail)

Top Management Support: Mantra or Necessity? [draft]

September 07

Professor Rob Chehall
Monash University

"The Role of Management Control Systems in Planned Organisational Change: An Analysis of Two Organisations"

September 14

Dr Ann Tarca
University of Western Australia

"International Convergence of Accounting Standards: Constituents' Views in Japan"

October 05

Professor Robert Faff
Monash University

Are the Fama-French Factors Proxying Default Risk?

October 12

Ms Samantha Sin
Macquarie University

"The AICPA Core Competency Framework and the Skills - Based Curriculum: Knowledge for Practice".

October 19

Professor Jane Baxter
 University of Sydney

"Is Sex Important?  An Investigation of the Relationship of Gender and Ethical Development with Ethical Behaviour"

October 26

Dr Noel Harding
The University of New South Wales

"The Impact of Different Forms of Outcome Feedback for Improving Assessments of Another Auditor's Competence"

November 02

Ms Roslinda Lim
Macquarie University

"The Impact of Corporate Governance on Accounting Conservatism: An Australian Evidence".

November 09
Professor Kazuo Kato
University of Sydney

"When Voluntary Disclosure Isn't Voluntary:  Management Forecasts in Japan"