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Semester 2, 2007

Seminar series: Semester 2, 2007

As part of its commitment to excellence in research, the Department of Accounting and Finance conducts a regular research seminar series. Presenters include academic staff from other universities as well as staff from our department. These sessions facilitate the dissemination of current research findings in all areas of accounting and finance.

Seminars during the first semester of 2007 will normally be held between 11.00am -12.30pm on most Thursdays in Dunmore Lang Conference Centre - adjacent to the Dunmore Lang College at 130-134 Herring Road, North Ryde. The campus map will assist you in finding room locations.

Any further enquiries may be directed to the Seminar Convenor Sue Wright.

Seminars from 2007 Semester 1, 2006 Semester 1 and 2006 Semester 2 are also available.

2007 Semester 2 Seminar Series




9 August

Assoc Prof. Jane Baxter (University of NSW) with Linda English (University of Sydney)

Using Contracts to Govern Hybrid Public-Private Partnerships: A Case Study of Australian Prisons

23 August

Assoc Prof. Graham Partington (USyd)

The Cost of Capital Equations under the Australian Imputation Tax System

30 August

Dr Michaela Rankin
(Monash University)

Determinants of CEO Remuneration: Australian Evidence

6 September

Prof. Asheq Rahman
(Massey University)

Earnings quality in international settings: A comparative study of Japan, Thailand and the U.S.A

13 September

Wendy Liu with Dr Philip Sinnadurai
(Macquarie University)

A Re-examination of Australian Evidence of Directors' Recommendations on Takeover Bids and Management of Earnings

27 September (Note: non-teaching week)
(This seminar will be held in E4A Room 523)

Prof. Phil Gray
(University of Queensland)

Accruals Quality, Information Risk and Cost of Capital: Evidence from Australia

4 October

Bill Blair and Feng Guo
(Macquarie University)

An Examination Of The Factors Contributing To Information Technology Acceptance In A Developing Country

11 October Dr Neal Arthur (University of Sydney) with Robert Czernkowski (University of Sydney) and Marco Chen (Macquarie Bank) The Persistence of Cash Flow Components into Future Earnings

18 October

Cary Di Lernia
(Macquarie University)

What insights does Georg Simmel's "The Philosophy of Money" offer to contemporary accounting?

1 November Dr Kym Boon (Macquarie University) and Dr Phil Ross (University of Western Sydney) Attributes affecting auditor appointment in compulsory audit tendering: survey evidence
8 November Assoc Prof. Axel Schulz (University of Melbourne) with Professor Margaret Abernethy (The University of Melbourne) and Dr Simon Bell (University of Cambridge) Translating Organisational Learning Orientation into Performance: The Role of Management Control Systems