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Semester 1 2008

Seminar series: Semester 1, 2008

As part of its commitment to excellence in research, the Department of Accounting and Finance conducts a regular research seminar series. Presenters include academic staff from other universities as well as staff from our department. These sessions facilitate the dissemination of current research findings in all areas of accounting and finance.

Seminars during the first semester of 2008 will normally be held between 11.00am -12.30pm on most Thursdays in Dunmore Lang Conference Centre - adjacent to the Dunmore Lang College at 130-134 Herring Road, North Ryde.

The campus map will assist you in finding room locations.

Any further enquiries may be directed to the Seminar Convenor Associate Professor Sujatha Perera or Seminar Administrator Iris Chung.

Seminars from 2007 Semester 2, 2007 Semester 1, 2006 Semester 1 and 2006 Semester 2 are also available.

2008 Semester 1 Seminar Series




20 March

Prof Jan Mouritsen

Copenhagen Business School (Visiting Professor Sydney University)

Mobilising Non-Financial Inscriptions: Performance Management and the Multiplicity of Performance.

27 March

Talis J. Putnins

(Sydney University)

The prevalence and underpinning of closing price manipulation

(co-authored with Carole Comerton-Ford & Talis J. Putnins)

3 April

Assoc Prof Chris Durden

(James Cook University

The role of management accounting in organisational control systems: Preliminary evidence of an organic approach

(co-authored with Hector Perera)

10 April

Dr Kym Boon

(Macquarie University)

Factors associated with the choice of a quality auditor when audit tendering is compulsory

(co-authored with Jill McKinnon and Philip Ross)

1 May

Prof. Greg Clinch

(University of Technology Sydney)

Generation of private signals by analysts

8 May

Dr Yvette Blount

(Macquarie University)

Conceptualising ECommerce Technology in Service Organisations

15 May

Dr Maria Dyball  & Assoc Prof Lorne Cummings 

(Macquarie University)

Adoption of the Concept of a Balanced Scorecard within NSW Health and Hunter New England Health: an exploration of staff attitudes.

(co-authored with Hua Yu)
22 May

Andrew B. Ainsworth

(University of New South Wales)

Price pressure around the ex-dividend day in Australia

(co-authored with Kingsley Fong, David R. Gallagher &  Graham Partington)

5 Jun

Dr Mandy Cheng

(University of New South Wales)

The Impact of Outcome and Process Accountability on Customer-Supplier Negotiations