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Semester 2, 2008

Seminar series: Semester 2, 2008

As part of its commitment to excellence in research, in 2008 the Department of Accounting and Governance conducted a regular research seminar series. Presenters included academic staff from other universities as well as staff from our department. These sessions facilitated the dissemination of current research findings in all areas of accounting and finance.

Seminars during the first semester of 2008 were normally held between 11.00am -12.30pm on most Thursdays in Dunmore Lang Conference Centre - adjacent to the Dunmore Lang College at 130-134 Herring Road, North Ryde.

Any further enquiries may be directed to the Seminar Convenor Associate Professor Sujatha Perera or Seminar Administrator Iris Chung.

Seminars from 2008 Semester 1, 2007 Semester 2, 2007 Semester 1, 2006 Semester 1 and 2006 Semester 2 are also available.

2008 Semester 2




14 August

Assoc Prof David Emsley

(University of Melbourne)

Loose Coupling or Loose Interpretations? Management Accounting Practice as Rules and Routines Re-examined.

(co-authored with Dr Rodney Coyte and David Boyd)

21 August

Dr Pru Marriott

(The University of Winchester)

Are our students SAPHE: An analysis of students’ awareness of personal finance in higher education – A UK and Australian perspective

(co-authored with Dr Despina Whitefield)
4 September

Dr Jeff Coulton

(University of New South Wales)
Corporate Payout Policies in Australia

11 September

Sam Sherry

(University of New South Wales)

Investor Behaviour in Response to Australia's Capital Gains Tax

(co-authored with Assoc Prof Andrew Ferguson and Prof Philip Brown)
18 September

Fred Wang and Samantha Sin

(Macquarie University)

The Changing Roles and Skills Gap in the Accounting Profession: An Examination of Practitioners in their First Year of Experience as a Potential Resource

9 October

Dr David Brown

(University of Technology, Sydney)

Management Control Systems in Enabling University Research Performance

(co-authored with Nicole Sutton)
16 October

Prof Alex Frino & Dr Andrew Lepone

(University of Sydney)
The Determinants of Execution Costs in Opaque Markets

30 October

Dr. Savanid (Nui) Vatanasakdakul

(Macquarie University)

Extending the Task-Technology Fit Model: Investigating the Appropriateness of B2B Technology Adoption: The Influence of Cultural Fit

6 November

Prof David Johnstone

(University of Sydney)

Economic Interpretation of Probabilities Estimated by Maximum Likelihood