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2010 Research Seminar Series

Semester 1

Title of Paper
March 11 Shannon Anderson (Rice University); Anne Lillis (University of Melbourne)

Organizational culture, business strategy and cost management: theory, measurement and practice

March 18 Bruce Grundy (University of Melbourne) Do option markets undo restrictions on short sales? Evidence from the 2008 short-sale ban
March 25 Steven Hai Wu (Macquarie University); Co-author: Charlene Chen (Macquarie University) Analysts’ forecast bias and accruals: Australian evidence
April 22 Carlin Dowling (University of Melbourne) The production of audit services: the relationship between audit support system design and audit pricing
April 29 Harry Scheule (University of Melbourne; Co-author: Daniel Rösch (Leibniz University of Hannover) Rating performance and agency incentives of structured finance transactions
May 6 Shrutika Chugh (Macquarie University); Neil Fargher (Australian National University); Sue Wright (Macquarie University)
Globalization and regulation of foreign listings: examination of factors affecting international firms’ choice of listing as a global depository receipt
May 13 Ken Trotman (University of New South Wales) Triangulation of Audit Evidence in Fraud Risk Assessment

Semester 2

Title of Paper
August 12
Professor Dan Dhaliwal (University of Arizona)
Did the 2003 tax act increase capital investments by corporations?
August 19 Philip Gray (University of Queensland) The Relationship Between Asset Growth and the Cross‐Section of Stock Returns
August 26 Richard Morris (University of New South Wales); Sid Gray (University of Sydney) Factors influencing corporate disclosures in the Asian region: the significance of country and firm-level differences
September 2 Peter Carey (Monash University) The Impact of Audit Firm Change and Audit Partner Rotation on Auditor-Provided Non-Audit Services
September 9 Charl de Villiers (University of Auckland) The accounting profession’s influence on academe: A case study
September 16 Paul Andon, Jane Baxter and Wai Fong Chua (University of New South Wales) Envisaging value in public private partnerships
October 7 Vincent Chong (University of Western Australia); Co-authors: Michele Leong and David Woodliff (University of Western Australia) An empirical investigation of the effects of accountability pressure and honesty on budgetary slack in a negotiation process