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Strategies for theoretical advancement in organisational studies

  • Topic: Strategies for theoretical advancement in organisational studies
  • Speaker:

    Dr Jane Qiu

  • Venue:Building E4A, Room 623 Macquarie University
  • Time: 11am - 1pm


register nowThis seminar explores the challenge of theoretical advancement in the field of organisational studies and various strategies to conduct innovative research. The first strategy is related to the role of rigour in creative theoretical advancement. Rigour is often considered to be the opposite of creativity in the development of knowledge about managing organizations. We argue that rigour in theory can actually foster creativity through various ways, including theory building, mathematical modelling, causal modelling, and theory analysis. The second strategy is related to connecting theoretical silos in the field of organisational studies. I would like to introduce some of our projects in which multiple theories (e.g., institutional theory, contingency theory, population ecology, and strategic choice theory) are connected to provide a more comprehensive explanation for organisational phenomena.

Speaker Bio

Jane Qiu is a senior lecturer in international business at UNSW Business School. She received her Bachelor of Science from Sun Yat-Sen University and PhD from UNSW. Jane's research area lies at the intersection of international business, organisation theory and strategy. Her work includes theoretical and empirical studies about the strategy, structure and strategy-structure fit alignment in multinational companies (MNCs), as well as more abstract projects that contribute to the philosophy of social science. Her recent publications appear in major management and IB/Strategy journals such as Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Management Studies, Management International Review, and Long Range Planning. Jane teaches EMBA, MBA and postgraduate courses on China business and management, MNCs and global strategy. She has a broad range of industrial experience in both private and public sectors in China, where she has held positions in foreign affairs, business consulting, and project management. In her position as government official of foreign direct investment, Jane had assisted numerous MNCs such as LG, Siemens and P&G to establish or expand their operations in China.

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