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Ethnic Marketing from a European and Social Sciences Perspective

Research Seminars - business and economics
  • Topic: Ethnic Marketing from a European and Social Sciences Perspective
  • Speaker:

    Assistant Professor Joyce Koeman

  • Venue:Building E4A, Room 523, Macquarie University
  • Time: 2pm - 3.30pm

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Before delving into the ethnic marketing practices and current state-of-the art in ethnic marketing research in Western-Europe, this seminar presents a brief overview of the migration context that has shaped the ethnic-cultural set-up of some Western-European markets today. Building particularly on societal shifts in the Low Countries (the Netherlands and Belgium), the impacts of media uses and representations on the individual are sketched. As media and other socialization agents are found highly relevant to the acculturation and identification processes of ethnic minorities it is advocated that social scientists have a contribution to make in ethnic marketing. While drawing on specific trends in communication sciences (e.g., big data and social network analysis) research ideas for marketing and advertising studies are proposed to discuss and delineate new venues for interdisciplinary and cross-national research.


Joyce Koeman is an Assistant Professor affiliated with the Institute for Media Studies where she obtained her doctorate in June 2011, examining the role of ethnic-cultural differences in advertising perception among majority and minority youth in Flanders. Since October 2011, she has been teaching Mass Communications, Media Policy, Media Sociology and Media Effects courses embedded in the Linguistics and Literature program at the KU Leuven campus Kortrijk (Kulak). Most of her previous research projects have focused on the media uses as well as the media portrayal of ethnic minorities in Dutch and Flemish media, including representations of religion and ethnicity in newspapers, television broadcasts and advertising. More recently she has focused her research on consumer culture and marketing communication strategies that cater for multicultural audience segments.

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