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Employee Voice in Australia

  • Project name: The Impact of Employee Participation Arrangements on Organisational Performance, Employee Engagement, and Employee Well-being
  • Who are we working with:
Griffith University logoGriffith University
The Voice Project - logoVoice Project Pty. Ltd.
  • Research goal: The aim of this project is to provide practical guidance for employers in the establishment of employee voice arrangements, by identifying the consequences and effectiveness of recent changes to the existing legislative industrial relations framework. It will also identify how employers develop voice strategies, and the factors that lead to their success or failure.
  • How are we doing this: This project will adopt a broad quantitative investigation (3 waves of large scale longitudinal surveys) across major Australian industries, and conduct a deeper qualitative study (2 waves of longitudinal case studies using in-depth interviews) within the selected industries with low or diminishing union influence.
  • Macquarie University research team:
Paul GollanProfessor Paul Gollan
Chief investigator
Adrian WilkinsonProfessor Adrian Wilkinson
Chief investigator
  • Funded by:
    • ARC Linkage Grant
    • Voice Project Pty Ltd
    • Griffith University
  • Years: 2011 - 2015


Prof. Paul Gollan and Prof. Adrian Wilkinson's (Griffith University) research addresses a neglected area in the research by exploring employee voice practices and their contribution to organisational performance.

The research will examine 'how' and 'why' certain employee voice arrangements are established and their affect on workplace and organisational outcomes.

The three main objectives are:

  1. To provide a more systematic overall evaluation of how voice arrangements are working and what are their effects;
  2. To examine the policy implications of such arrangements; and
  3. To provide examples for practitioners of how organisations have implemented the new arrangements, and what has been learned from a practical point of view.

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