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Catherine Bremner

Catherine Bremner

Catherine Bremner is Global Head of Environmental Sustainability at ANZ.

Her work involves:

  • leading the environmental sustainability team, and
  • ensuring that ANZ continues to deliver on its environmental sustainability commitments globally, including compliance obligations and environmental reduction targets.

Previous positions:

  • Chief Operating Officer, Low Carbon Australia (until September 2012),
    • invested $100m fund for energy efficiency and clean energy projects.
  • Head of International Development, the Carbon Trust in the UK -
    • 7 years advising large companies on cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy investment opportunities across UK, China and the US.


  • Member of CSIRO's Energy and Oceans Strategy Advisory Committee
  • Member of the expert advisory panel for Climate Works Australia,
  • Member of the Energy Efficiency Council
  • Sits on the energy efficiency advisory committee for Climate Bonds and UNEP Finance Initiative internationally

Catherine graduated from Oxford University in 2001 with a Masters in Environmental Management and her undergraduate degree was in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland.