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2013 PhD Workshop a great success

Created: 02 Oct 2013

Download the PhD Workshop Program (PDF)

PhD Students enjoyed the camaraderie of the 2013 PhD AFAS|EconWorkshop, but also took away plenty of constructive criticism of their work-in-progress.

Keynote speaker, Professor Terry Walter, offered considered feedback and insights on how to sharpen their research approaches to ensure strong final theses.

Professor Walter opened the workshop with an address based on a paper “Towards a set of design principles for executive compensation contracts”, with an emphasis on key elements of research design, sound methodology and analysis.

Each of the following student presentations was thoroughly prepared with well selected slides and graphics. Students also engaged well with the audience through their diverse topics. Each contributed strongly to the interesting and lively dynamic of the day.

Prof Walter’s sometimes provocative questions included asking some students how their work might change the world, but his intention was to encourage relevance and attention to detail so the students’ work would add to body of knowledge once complete.

Professor Egon Kalotay, who hosted the event on behalf of the Centre for Financial Risk, was thoughtful and encouraging with his supplementary questions. The students also contributed extensively to both the questions and discussions. Over lunch and breaks, lots of smiles and relaxed conversations were evident.

Organisers Yuri Salazar and Jiaqin Wei, both post-doctoral research fellows with the Centre for Financial Risk, were welcoming and worked hard to encourage participants. The support of supervisors was also appreciated, and several – including Roselyne Joyeux, Natalia Ponomareva and Geoff Kingston – were able to attend too.

The best speaker prize was awarded to Dennis Wellmann at the conclusion of the workshop, and we offer our congratulations to him for his excellent presentation.

This is what some of the participants said about the day:

Thank you for organizing a very nice workshop. I know that I told you during the morning tea break more participants would be better. But at the end of the workshop I realized if there were more presenters there would be less time for questions, answers and comments. I think those are the most important part of the presentation; to get comments and questions from the audience.

Once again, thanks for organizing the workshop. The location was perfect; it actually felt a bit more professional being out of the normal environment.

I did appreciate the seminar and I also would like to thank all of you for your well-organised event. As a PhD student in financial economics field, I enjoy being part of the AFAS|ECON community. Once again, thank you for providing me with a chance to present and receive critical feedback from Prof Terry Walter and Dr Egon Kalotay. I look forward to attending other AFAS|Centre for Financial Risk events in the future.