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Jeffrey Sheen provides predictions on interest rates

Created: 02 Jul 2013

Publication: The Conversation
Title: Interest rates: More of the same?
Date: 1 July, 2013
Author: Timo Henckel

Professor Jeffrey Sheen shared his predictions for interest rates in the next quarter in an article on The Conversation, written by Timo Henckel.

Excerpt from Professor Sheen's predictions:

National accounts data for Q1 2013 indicate a minor slowing of the economy’s growth to 2.5% for the past year. A major contributor to the decline was public investment. This suggests that future fiscal policy will play a crucial role in future growth. The return of Kevin Rudd to the prime ministership has increased the probability of a Labor victory, though this is unlikely at this stage. However, the probability of a future fiscal consolidation has shrunk, and so monetary policy should not have to play such a big role in stimulating private investment.

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