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The Cost of Living Longer: Projecting the Effects of Prospective Mortality Improvements on Economic Support Ratios for a Selection of OECD Countries (2013) $18,500.

Project description: This project will analyse the effects of prospective mortality improvement on economic support ratios for selected developed countries. The mortality forecasts will be as prepared by Li, Tickle and Parr using the Poisson Common Factor Model for a current IAAust grant-funded project. The proposed project will prepare population and labour force projections for a range of developed countries, and compare the values of economic support ratios between projections using the forecast mortality improvement and projections which assume constant mortality. The outcome will be a better understanding of the implications of forecast mortality change for population aging and economic dependency.

Research Team: Leonie Tickle, AFAS, Nick Parr, MM, Jacki Li (Nanyang Technological University)