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Our researchers

    • Professor Nonna Martinov-Bennie

      Professor, Nonna Martinov-Bennie,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Financial Audit (judgement, materiality, methodology, independence, scepticism)
      • Sustainability and Non-financial Assurance
      • Internal Audit
      • Governance
      • Ethics and accountants

    • Unit

      , Unit,

      Areas of Expertise:

    • Doctor Sharron O'Neill

      Doctor, Sharron O'Neill,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Work Health and Safety governance and accountability
      • Management accounting control systems
      • Performance measurement
      • Risk management

    • Doctor Dale Tweedie

      Doctor, Dale Tweedie,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Business and Professional ethics
      • Workplace organisation and governance
      • Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Critical Theory and accounting / management

    • Doctor Karina Luzia

      Doctor, Karina Luzia,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Social geography
      • Higher education
      • Diversity, difference and equity
      • Qualitative research

    • Doctor Paul Taylor

      Doctor, Paul Taylor,

      Areas of Expertise:

      Paul Taylor has an MPhil and a PhD degree from University College, London. From 1976 to 1999 he taught philosophy at the University of Cape Town. After migrating to Australia in 2000 he worked in a number of research centres at Macquarie University before joining IGAP. His publications have appeared in Analysis, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Philosophical Papers, The Journal of Higher Educational Policy and Management, and other academic journals. He is also interested in the history of sport, and published a monograph on Jews and the Olympic Games with Sussex Academic Press in 2004. At IGAP he is currently engaged in research on professional scepticism.

    • Dr. Sasha Holley

      Dr., Sasha Holley,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Labour standards
      • Precarious workers
      • Labour law and regulation of minimum standards
      • Government contracts and public policy
      • Work health and safety
      • Workers' compensation

    • Distinguished Professor James Guthrie

      Distinguished Professor, James Guthrie,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Public sector accounting
      • Auditing, accountability and management
      • Social and environmental reporting and auditing
      • Management of knowledge and intellectual capital and the measurement of intangibles

    • Associate Professor Parmod Chand

      Associate Professor, Parmod Chand,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Financial Accounting
      • International accounting
      • Harmonisation and convergence of financial reporting
      • Judgments of Professional accountants across countries such as Australia, China, Japan and Other South Pacific countries
      • Accounting Education

    • Doctor Elaine Evans

      Doctor, Elaine Evans,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Corporate governance
      • Reporting and regulation
      • Professional practice
      • Accounting education
      • The interface between the profession and the academy
      • Accounting history
      • Accounting's professionalisation projects internationally
      • Integration of professional communication skills in the accounting curriculum

    • Professor Chris Patel

      Professor, Chris Patel,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • International accounting
      • Harmonisation and convergence of financial reporting
      • Theoretical and methodological limitations of international accounting research
      • Professional accountants' judgments across countries such as Germany, Japan, India, Malaysia, China and Australia
      • Globalisation and contextual factors on accounting in Germany, China and Japan
      • Ethics in accounting

    • Doctor Vicki Baard

      Doctor, Vicki Baard,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Management Accounting
      • Teams in Service Organisations
      • Interventionist Research
      • Internal and External Research Grants

    • Dr Dominic Soh

      Dr, Dominic Soh,

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Internal and external auditing and assurance
      • Data analytics and visualisation
      • Environmental, social and governance reporting and assurance
      • Corporate governance
      • Audit committees
      • Auditing education innovation
      • Professional education

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