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Developing a set of National Guidelines for Evaluating and Reporting Occupational Injury and Disease (aka: WHS Indicators)



Safety Institute of Australia (SIA),


Karen Wolfe, (Safety Institute of Australia (SIA)), Safe Work Australia (SWA)


To explore the WHS information needs of key stakeholders; to identify practical limitations of existing metrics for providing useful information for decision-making; to consider appropriate WHS lead and lag performance measures and indictors for capturing and benchmarking WHS performance on a National and International scale; and to draft a guidance document that identifies those indicators most relevant to various key user groups.


This project commenced with a detailed review of academic and practitioner literature to identify existing WHS measures and their reported applications and limitations. Additional information about stakeholder needs, contemporary reporting performance measurement practices was gathered through online stakeholder surveys.

This data helped identify key WHS metrics and develop a conceptual framework for WHS evaluation and reporting. A broad structure was then proposed for a WHS Reporting Guidelines document. Feedback on the proposal was then sought through a stakeholder engagement workshop with 50 WHS practitioners, consultants,academics and regulators.The research team then  drafted the 'WHS Reporting Guidelines' which aims to assist decision-makers in the collection and analysis of WHS performance data and to guide the inclusion of WHS information in internal and external reports.