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Research Partnerships

Get the industry research data you need from a university you can trust

To make sound business decisions and to confidently set policy direction, you need quality industry research. But that means more than just data availability. In today's information-rich world, the data may very well be out there already. That's actually part of the problem: There's too much data available. Finding it all and then analysing it is time-consuming and requires specialist research expertise.

That's where the Faculty of Business and Economics can help. We are a specialist faculty with an international intake and a diverse cohort. We can provide you with unbiased industry research data, analysis and interpretation, across a range of domains, from financial risk, ethics and governance to applied finance and health economics.

Our major university research areas

The Faculty of Business and Economics is recognised as a leading industry researcher, with highly respected programs dedicated to:

Lucy Taksa

Professor Lucy Taksa, Associate Dean - Research

Philomena Leung

Professor Philomena Leung, Associate Dean - International and Corporate Governance