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Tung, Amy Man

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  • Paper Title: The effectiveness of EMSs, environmental performance and their impact on EOC
  • Department Affiliation: Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
  • Supervisors’ Names: 
    • Doctor Kevin Baird
    • Doctor Sujatha Perera 


The aim of the study is to examine the effectiveness of environmental management systems, environmental performance and their impact on employee organizational committment.     


This study contributes to the current EMS literature by analysing the factors that are associated with the effectiveness of EMSs. In particular, the results of the study can provide managers of organizations with insights into the characteristics of an effective EMSs and the specific organizational factors that managers need to focus on improving.


Data will be collected by mail survey questionnaire from a random sample of 1000 senior financial officers in Australian manufacturing organizations. 

Practical and Social implications: 

The study will benefit the business community by revealing the importance of having an effective environmental management system in place to improve organization's environmental performance and remain competitive in the global market.


Environmental management systems, environmental performance, employee organizational commitment