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Ilicic, Jasmina

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  • Paper Title: Valuing Celebrity Endorsement Advertising Strategy Using MECCAS
  • Department Affiliation: Marketing and Management
  • Supervisor's Names:
    • Associate Professor Cynthia Webster
    • Professor Mark Gabbott


This study explores what consumers value from celebrity endorsers for the evaluation of an actual campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld as the endorser for the Greater Building Society.


Research in celebrity endorsement tends to focus on what constitutes an effective celebrity endorser in terms of their characteristics or attributes. These studies, however, fail to examine the value consumers gain from celebrity endorsers.

Key literature/theoretical perspective:

Means-end chain theory is used to identify and assess how a celebrity endorsement advertising strategy incorporates the associations consumers make between means-end levels of knowledge (i.e., linking the brand to attributes, attributes to consequences, and consequences to satisfaction of personal values) for celebrity brands.


A laddering technique and hierarchical value maps are used to identify the attributes, consequences and values of celebrity endorsers. The MECCAS model is then used to evaluate the advertisements featuring the endorsement which link celebrity brand attributes, consequences and values.    


Consumers value celebrity endorsers who are authentic and successful with high levels of expertise. These attributes enable consumers to trust the celebrity, which in turn encourages the development of a relationship with the celebrity.

Research limitations/implications:

A central finding in this study is the importance of authenticity, a concept that is not researched in the celebrity endorsement literature and requires exploration.

Practical and Social implications:

Although desired celebrity attributes can be highlighted in the positioning of a celebrity endorser in marketing communications, the links between the attributes, consequences and values also can be clearly connected in promotional campaigns to develop consumer relationships.


Celebrity brands, brand value, laddering, MECCAS model, authenticity.