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Mendez, Ruben

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  • Paper title: Institutional Innovation, Deregulation and Competitiveness in a Structured Society A comparison between Australia, Spain and Perú
  • Department Affiliation: Economics
  • Supervisor’s Names: 
    • Principal: Doctor Alison Vicary
    • Associate: Doctor Wylie Bradford


The aim of this thesis is to determine and assess the major institutional problems that negatively affect the economic performance and social fabric of three countries- Australia, Spain and Peru-based on the “Austrian Economics” paradigm and the “New Institutional Economics” perspective. In addition, this thesis explores the connection between the theory of dynamic institutions and the concept of informal institutions. This connection is described as an essential component in the new conceptualization of strategic deregulation and competitiveness proposed by the author.

Finally, an additional aim of the thesis is to assess (via an “Austrian” model) how strategic deregulation, competiveness, and entrepreneurship -rather than proactive public policies- can adjust the institutional framework to “new social circumstances”.