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Ronowski, Waldemar (Maciek)

  • Paper Title: Firm performance as a function of network positioning in selected industries
  • Department Affiliation: Marketing and Management
  • Supervisor's Names:
    • Principal:  Stephen Chen
    • Associate: Christopher Clark


Using data on the strategic alliances of leading Internet firms, we examine changes in the strategic alliance networks of a sample of leading Internet firms over the period 1990-2000.  We found positive effects of social capital on the profitability of firms in e-business where established firms dominated and a positive effect of structural holes on growth of firms in the e-consumer network where newly established firms dominated. This suggests that occupying structural holes is more important for growth of new firms whereas possessing social capital is more important for the profitability of established firms.


Strategic alliances, networks, Internet, structural holes, social capital, firm performance.