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Tayar, Mark

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  • Paper Title: International Business Models for International Universities
  • Department Affiliation: Marketing and Management 
  • Supervisors’ Names:
    • Doctor Robert Jack  


The purpose of this study is to explain how and why Australian universities internationalise. This study aims to assess the appropriateness of corporate models for public universities and proposes a model of internationalisation suited to the higher education industry. 


The process of corporatisation of universities has been well documented. Even so, few researchers apply corporate models to the internationalisation projects of universities. There is also limited research on how organisations in the public or not-for-profit sectors expand into new foreign markets. 

Key literature / theoretical perspective: 

This study is based on a linkages framework where the internationalisation process is largely driven through interfirm connections. These linkages are between universities and their partners which are predominately from the private sector. 


This case study approach involves in-depth interviews across Australian public universities. A pilot study which was conducted across four universities will be expanded in depth and scope to investigate the majority of Australian universities with an international presence. Findings: Preliminary findings have revealed that prestige and reputation are key drivers of university internationalisation. Unique drivers and constraints specific to the higher education industry have been identified and these factors may warrant modifications to corporate internationalisation models. 

Research limitations/implications:

The current research will examine the usefulness and appropriateness of internationalisation models for a specific industry.  

Practical and Social implications: 

University managers may benefit from this research by better understanding when to initiate and how to manage internationalisation projects.  


higher education, international business, foreign market entry, internationalisation