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Townsend, Daniel

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  • Paper Title: An on-boarding theoretical framework in the Australian tertiary sector: The employee’s perspective
  • Department Affiliation: Marketing and Management
  • Supervisor's Names:
    • Doctor Denise Jepsen
    • Associate Professor Peter McGraw


The purpose of the current study will be to determine the efficacy of on-boarding practices within the tertiary sector from the employee perspective and establish application strategies for best practices. The study will aim to address the current gaps within the literature.  


The study will integrate different perspectives within the management, sociology and psychology literature through applying a theoretical framework to the tertiary industry. 

Key literature / theoretical perspective:

The study uses a framework based on literature from the organisational socialisation, organisational psychology and human resources management perspectives. 


The first qualitative study, which is part of a larger research project, involved 62 semi-structured interviews at four major universities.  


Preliminary findings from interviews conducted with staff from four Sydney Universities have provided evidence to give support for research propositions and the theoretical framework.

Research limitations/implications: 

The expected limitations of the study will be that it will only involve Australian universities allowing for future research with larger or international samples to increase generalisability.

Practical and Social implications:

Understanding of on-boarding processes will benefit organisations through meeting employee needs and facilitating adjustment to new roles, meeting expectations and improving early productivity.       


Induction On-boarding Socialisation