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Fung Wong, Shiu

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  • Paper Title: On New Approach of Extracting Option Implied Volatility Surface
  • Department Affiliation: Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies
  • Supervisors’ Names:
    • Doctor Tak Kuen (Ken) Siu
    • Professor Robert J. Elliott


To propose a novel approach of extracting option implied volatility surface for assets with no liquid option markets.


Option implied volatility surfaces have been widely used in asset pricing and risk management. They provide an important source of information, such as, at- the-money(ATM) volatilities and skewness, for pricing, hedging and managing risk of various financial products. In this project, we focus on extracting option implied volatility surfaces of assets which have with no liquid option markets from other benchmark assets, say market indices.   


We establish the relationship between these assets and market indices through continuous-time Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) with returns governed by L ́evy processes. The parameters in the L ́evy processes can be calibrated using the Fast Fourier Transformation (F.F.T.) of highly liquidated options on market indices. The option prices of the assets without an option market can be calculated through the beta coefficient.


Empirical result shows this method can capture the nonlinearity behaviour of volatility surfaces and provide information about implied volatility smile and skewness.

Research implications:

We propose a rigorous parametric treatment in pricing and managing risk of financial products which depends on assets with no market observable implied volatility surfaces.

This is a joint work with A/Prof Hoi Ying Wong from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Volatility surface; volatility smile; option valuation; CAPM; L'evy process