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Abas Mirzaei

First Name: Abas
Surname: Mirzaei
Department Dept of Marketing and Management
Supervisor(s): Dr David Gray , A/Prof. Hume Winzar, Dr Chris Baumann

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Paper Title

Developing a Marketing Effectiveness Index through Linking Marketing Actions to Firm Value


In response to calls for marketing managers to be more accountable, this research aims to quantify marketing performance. It develops a robust framework to explore the effectiveness of marketing actions and the nature of their impact on a firm’s intangible and financial assets. An index is developed to track the changes in intangible marketing assets, namely brand equity in the long term.


This research is the first to measure brand equity based on secondary marketing data rather than surveys or financial data. This study develops a new framework to measure brand equity using customer behavioural data. It will enable marketers to track the change in brand equity over the time and also monitoring its pure impact on firm value. In addition, this research is the first to link brand equity and customer equity quantitatively.


There are a range of different methodologies to measure the short term/long term marketing performance. This research employs brand multiplier methodology to measure brand equity. ALT, VAR, and DLM are three pillar methodologies which will be used for short/long term marketing performance. The data for this study is sourced from the Compustat database.


This research contributes to the literature in two ways: To the best of our knowledge this paper is the first in measuring brand equity based on secondary marketing data. Second, this research develops a Brand Equity Tracker Index, which enables marketers to monitor brand health and its impact on firm value on a weekly basis.

Research limitations/implications

Availability of marketing-related data is the major concern and limitation in this research.


Marketing Actions, Brand Equity, Customer Equity, Long Term, Marketing Performance