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Adam Gaskill

First Name: Adam
Surname: Gaskill
Department Dept of Marketing and Management
Supervisor(s): Hume Winzar , Steven D'Alessandro

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Paper Title

Marketing capabilities and metrics that contribute to marketing accountability in the technology sector


To examine how the marketing function can increase its accountability through identifying: 1) the antecedents of marketing accountability, 2) the metrics marketers should use to demonstrate their accountability and 3) the benefits in addition to marketing influence that can be realized through increased marketing accountability.


Extends the existing literature beyond the commonly used self-reporting marketing function sample frames of previous studies through using a sample of finance professionals.

Key literature/theoretical perspective

This exploratory study is based on Verhoef and Leeflang (2009) marketing influence model and marketing performance and accountability literature.


As an exploratory study, in-depth interviews with Australian based Senior Finance professional from the technology sector were used to develop a conceptual.


The findings suggest marketing needs to further develop their capabilities in the areas of finance and data analysis. Furthermore, this study encouragingly found that benefits beyond marketing influence were available to the marketing function through improving their level of accountability, with additional resources and more timely approval from finance being identified as additional benefits.

Research limitations/implications

A major limitation of this study is the small sample size of 11 respondents, which reduces the generalizability of the findings, however, future research can employ larger samples and quantitative methods to further test the exploratory results of this study.

Practical and Social implications

The study suggests greater marketing accountability can improve marketing’s stature and influence amongst finance professionals


Marketing accountability, marketing influence, marketing performance